Thursday, May 26, 2005

Diary comes handy when blog isnt available.

I miss blogging, very much. But I find my diary useful when I want to put down things that I feel worth putting down during ungodly hours of 12:30-2:00 am before I go to sleep for the, uh, day.(?)

I thought this morning while eating brunch that people who keep diaries are those that have much to say, whether good or bad. Diaries are handy but I find it a pity that I cant put all my thoughts there here on blog.

Some of such are those thoughts about shows on Discovery Channel Travel and Living like Oliver’s Twist and The Naked Chef. No chef naked is on the show btw. I cant still find the logic for the title. Those shows make me think of myself. Especially on thoughts that I can so make much more out of myself.

I thought so! I just searched on Google and found out that my suspicion is true, "the naked chef" and Oliver of "Oliver's Twist" is one and the same. I wrote my suspicion on my diary this early morning.

More to say but my time is up! Bye and take care people!