Friday, June 03, 2005

Back from Mayoyao, Ifugao!

I’m back and blogging! Just came from Mayoyao, Ifugao! After arriving at the apartment here in Solano me and my bro went straight here at the net shop.

Going to Mayoyao and being in Mayoyao is always an experience, and so is the way out of it.

I made a lot of thinking while I was at Mayoyao. That place always make me think a lot more than usual. And it’s usually the very sensitive issues that I don’t dare think of that keeps on nagging in my head most of the times I’m there.

The place also makes music seem a whole lot more meaningful. You know, being within one of the wonders of the world, the mountains, the rice terraces, and the low lying clouds (being able to actually look DOWN at those and being within it), seeing it all after you wake up and anytime through a window of a house perched on the mountain side. :D Well, the whole issue of being there is "just" exhilarating!

What I just don’t like being in Mayoyao are those yawn-ish moments. Just sitting down and then it hits you that you don’t like to sit anymore for the time being and there’s nothing you can do about it. Yeah, darn. But I like being there most of the time.

Seeing the Sierra Madre from a window of a house perched on one of the mountains in Ifugao just makes me feel at awe…

And a few hours a ago while travelling made me realize just how amazing to see a really far mountain be made by my position's altitude while in Ifugao as seemingly nearer.

The cordilleras’ neighbor mountain, at least for me, looks like it seems to stand proud and challenge the mountains of Mayoyao for, well, it looks challenging. ^___^

Ack. Imagination.

I arrived in Mayoyao Saturday night and we came back here in Solano less than an hour ago.


Darn College Assurance Plan(CAP).
CAP just made the lives of thousands of subscribers a hell lot difficult. I know that people I know know about this so I don’t feel like expounding on this issue.
I just remembered. Hey Glaiza, on my way here, while looking at the rice fields, I thought about putting this on blog- the rice fields remind me of ANIMAX’s Samurai 7! ^____^ Aheheheheh! Yun lang. :D

I’ll miss the place and many people there.

AAHHHH!!! Now that the class opening’s a few days ahead I’m reluctant to go back but two months ago I wanted to back to class. Ack. Oh well. I have some unwanted unreasonable reasons but then I can’t do something about it so back to school I will. But first, have to get enrolled.

See ya guys on June 7!

Btw, I made a search on Ibarra Deri, one of the lucky one's to get to see Mayoyao, and saw that the photographer to took a picture of my very cute toddler nephew is not only a professional Dentist but is also quite a biggie person. Oh well. Just look up at the link I made with his name if anyone's interested.


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