Thursday, June 16, 2005

The First Day of My Last School Year as a Journalism Student in UST.

I was walking along the catwalk just beside the St. Raymund's building when I noticed that I was taking everything in: That there's now a medium sized black dog beside the unused aquarium of a house that I always pass by on my way to school. How the line of indian trees seem to provide more shade (note: at 5:25 am) this time. That MIKE's BMW is still parked where we always see it. And that I feel more proud now that I'm here, a college SENIOR.

And quoting from a hotdog commercial: "Senior! Senior! We're so great!" ^___^


This attitude sometimes, no, always scares me. It's like I am anticipating for death all the time.
(Shit! SEE!)

It's scaring me right now. But I dont want this dread to really affect my psyche for I know well enough that it might have adverse effect top my health: physical, mental, emotional, and well, maybe, spiritual.

The thing is I do appreciate things more. Maybe more than I do before. You can say it's the opposite of seeing "not only is the glass half empty but also bitter".

Maybe Kitin is right when she called me "He who speaks like a Hallmark card and walks like a poem."

(NAKA NA!!!) ^___________^

Wahahahahahahahah! So there. :D

There are A LOT ot things that I want to put down here but I cant and it's because I dont want it to be read by certain people at certain times or that I cant blog for at that moment or that I can't recall the things to be put down when I'm already doing it just like right now.

Wah! I still want to work for Globe Trekker!!! GT's formerly entitled Lonely Planet and my favorite traveller/host is... (enter drumrolls please!) Justine Shapiro!

Yey! It's now almost 7 pm and my friends and I gotta go for our 7-9 pm Thesis class. :D


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