Saturday, June 18, 2005

Bandits "shot toddler to stop his crying"

Bandits "shot toddler to stop his crying"*

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Dammit!!! Dammit!!!

That just reminded me of those perverse crimes.
One of which is the inccident wherein an 18-yr-old guy threw a homemade bomb (cookies you might have thought!) in to a classroom of 58 17 to 18-yr-old students.* After I heard this news on NHK I concluded that "The most twisted perverse-minded teeners award goes to... Japan!!! And first runner up goes to the United States of America!!! Why the US? Well, think of the two(?) most acclaimed school shooting incidents there.

At least tayo dito mga fillbox lang na ang mga nagpapasabog ay mga pipitchuging nag-aaway na gangs sa kamaynilaan at hindi yung naghahagis sa classrooms. Imagine.

Oh well. Gotta go. Time ko na dahil tinawag na mga pangalan namin at gutom na ako. Gutom na gutom. ^____^ Ack. How can I put a smiley here.


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