Saturday, June 18, 2005

I'm still a teen-ager and I have more than a thousand unread messages!

I read one of Carmela's* (*click for the link) posts just now and I was reminded, yet again, that I only have a very few more precious weeks before I turn 20. That means I wont be a teen-ager anymore. Ever.
Oh well. It might not be really such a big deal since I know that I've been way mature for my age since, um, I cant even remember. So there. Maybe it's just the realization that time is ticking and that things past will never be again.

Anyway... I opened my Yahoo! Mail and found this:

You have 1528 unread messages

Yup! Well, I dont actually have 1528 unread messages, I only have 1503 unread messages in my inbox, that's minus the bulk folder.

Hum... We wont be having class on Monday because our professors were gracious enough to not attend our first class and that would mean that the only days that we'll attend next week would be Thursday and Saturday...! Wah! Two days... We dont have classes every Tuesday and Wednesday plus the coming Friday'll be a holiday, Araw ng Maynila. Ugh... Somehow, I feel that this doesnt seem right.

There is/are thing/s that I dont seem to know about certain people... But why should I poke my nose into something that the person doesnt feel comfortable enough to let me know. I guess I may be sending missunderstood signals that prevents the certain topic to be opened up to me. I dont know. I guess I just feel a tinsey bit left out. It just makes me me feel quite uncomfortable, though I dont want to. But then, like me, people are entitled to their own issues. I just hope/wish that I wont bother myself most of the time wondering what IT might really be all about.

*big sigh*

Happy Father's Day Daddy!
Some (or most) people might say "yuck" and puke after they realize that 19-yr-old college senior will mention the aforementioned in big bold cyan letters in his weblog, with the use of the word "Daddy" instead of "Dad". Ehehehe. Some'll even think that a little daddy's girl is a more likely person to say this. ^_^ I understand but I'll tell you that that's how I call my father since I can remember, so piss off. Eheheheheh. Anyway, actually father's day wont be until tomorrow but I'll put it here to, hopefully, remind people.
I just remebered this song so before I end this for today I want you to read or, maybe, sing it, if you know the tune. ^__^
Make new friends
But keep the old.
One is silver
And the other is Gold.
I hope that certain people will read and understand this. :)


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