Saturday, July 02, 2005

Just when I thought that I can at last seat back and play this urge away with Command and Conquer Generals… the person sitting to my right surfs hentai.
Ack. And he’s still doing it right now!

(Brent, look straight to your own monitor. Look straight to your monitor! I command you! Left and right eyes look to your own monitor.)

Cant… focus… on… typing… Ooh, Dragonball characters and lots of others too!


I lost the battle.

*raises flag, a white one*


So as I’m looking at my monitor now, I’m thinking… uh… there’s no assignment for this week, so far, only the one for Ethics.
Now isn’t that timely. Ahahahah!


Hold your horses Brent!
*deep sigh*

Cheers! :D

(You can sign-out now Brent and leave for home. Now!)


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