Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Memorize Aristotle's Poetics.

San ka pa?!!!

The day came when a professor told us this, "Memorize Aristotle's Poetics."
That was yesterday. And we should have memorized all of it by Monday.
I can almost feel my breath being taken away...

Naka na! Nagdadrama!!!

One of the things that'll help this planet is fewer inefficient people who gets paid to do their job. (Sorry if the syntax is erroneous but I dont care now.)
I went to the telegraphic in *bleep!* and to our (me and the people there) surprise, the money sent via telegraphic yesterday still havent arrived when it should have already. Possible problem is that the people in charge at the "sentro" still havent relayed it to their branch at *bleep!*. So there I was, at around 11am, waiting (in vain) for the instruction for the money's release to come. Well it did eventually, just five minutes ago. I was informed via sms, many thanks to the gracious lady at the telegraphic in *bleep!* where I always get money. :D
Rain is good but it doesnt seem so good when you start to get the weather-induced blues (a.k.a. that uneasy heavy-on-the-chest- feeling of being down) and if the water manages its way through your shoes and on to your feet. Ack!
Then you just have not much choice but deal with it and pretend that it didnt happen, the water seeping part I mean. You can always find ways to lift up your spirits if it were weather-induced blues. One example is by listening to upbeat music. This works for me like it did this morning, and I just realized it then that I may be really living this "Life should be celebrated!" decision. Hay... that just reminded me of another thing, I was reading the beginning of chapter 2 of our Ethics book. It tackles issues on happiness and the ways of how we seek happiness through the things that we do. An eye-opener, or rather, a reminder of things realized long ago...
Told you so! I am quite old for my age.
AHH!!! Which reminds me! One night my Brother told me "14 days to go" before... I... turn... turn... twenty!!! Beinte! Dalawampung taong gulang!


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