Friday, July 08, 2005

Bombers are Cowards!

*turns on the tv for the news*

From Magandang Umaga Pilipinas: Isang Pinay and namatay (o nasugatan) sa pagsabog ng bomba sa London.


*Watches on CNN the footages on the aftermath of the bombings*


Cowards bombed three trains and a double decker bus during yesterday in London.
After the bombs exploded on the three trains near the King's Cross station during rush-hour, some of the people that were spared from the train bombs rode a double decker bus that, little did they know, also contained a bomb that, minutes later, would also explode and ultimately lead them to their deaths.

First thing in mind was shock. Second was the thought of people suspecting a particular nationality for all these. Meaning, the terrorists who are almost made synonymous with a particular religion.

The UN Security council condems the cowardly actions done in London. And I also heard from CNN that they are drafting something about terrorism.

Now that made me think... They better do the job well so that the very definition of terrorism wouldn't sound like they're defining war.
They're condemning this and that but have anybody thought of what regularly happens in Iraq? That bombs are exploding everywhere and anytime anybody could get killed? How about Bush's preemptive war with Iraq? Cant that be called terrorism too? Because today, civilian homes (the Iraqis) are being searched by heavily armed men with the suspicion that terrorists might be hiding inside. Now how would that affect the people? Think about the children in their formative years.


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