Thursday, July 14, 2005

Today is My Last Teen Day!!!

What can I say
The Seven Years are almost over
Im feeling all this like it was a countdown to the end or something
Like counting the seconds as they slip past by you
As how a dying person would on the deathbed
Every hour, minute, and second left before that moment
(Yes... 12 hours, 7 minutes left and counting... or maybe, deminishing)
That crucial moment coming
Every moment right now lost forever
Is still being lost
I remember one line
"We are loosing our life the moment we were born."
Or maybe yet, better if told as
"Unti-unting nauubos ang ating buhay sa simula palang nang tayo ay isinilang."
I woke up bubbly this morning
Knowing that it is the last day
Actually, now I wonder
How would it be like on the real last day
I am happy and contented knowing that I'm happy and contented as things are
But it became a was a while ago when I heard something that made me think

What could I do for myself for this day
Now, I know, that what I can do best as of now is be as Im am
Reasonably Happy and Contented as always
Now I am, back to how I was
Reasonably Happy and Contented as always

This teen-ager business is great! It is (YES! I can still say is!) during this span of time that I've gone through the most pivotal momentS in my life. Actually, I still am going through these as I have been even before I turned 13. Ah... that year. That year when I stepped out of my childhood years and into my teen-age years, the last day of which encompas this day, today, while I am 19.

Um, actually, even philosophy will tell that a person will never be really, completely, trully, happy and contented as long as that person is alive. But I argue that people can still manage to attain a level of happiness and contentment that is possible here, that state I am always at.

Hay... basta ako ay labingsiyam na taong gulang... parin. :D
(Labing-isang oras at apatnaput-isang minuto ang natitira bago ako maging dalawampung taong gulang.)

Maligayang bati, maligayang bati, maligayang magligayang, maligayang bati!!!
July 14, 2005 ngayon.
Bukas, July 15, 2005.

Oh, the sun’ll come out tomorrow,
So you gotta’ hang on till’ tomorrow,
Come what may.

Tomorrow tomorrow, I love you tomorrow,
Your’e always a day away,

Tomorrow tomorrow, I love you tomorrow,
Your’e only a day away, (x10)



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