Monday, July 11, 2005

Things get better and better!

I woke up this morning with my joints aching, my head hurting, and my temperature up.
Tell tale signs that I am sick.
My first thought then was, "No! I can’t get sick. I don’t want to get sick. I’ll be going to CAP today before I go to class and I am sick!"
Getting sick is one of the things that I abhor. ABHOR.

So what I did was:
Pray that I get well pronto.
Chant to myself again and again, "I cant get sick!".
Indian sit on my bed and do the "Aum…"
Got myself a towel, cold water, and alcohol to wipe my face, neck and to apply cold compress on my forehead.
Drank genuine Calamansi juice.
Watched Friends when I thought of the "laughter is the best medicine" thing. (Friends just never fail to make me laugh though I found some questionable things on the show.)
Finally took one Alaxan tablet when all that I did gave no solution to my misery.
Sulked in my room when I still felt the pain.
Unknowingly slept and woke up sweaty with the wonderful feeling of being better! Ooh… I knew it… sweating eeez goood…

Then, when I was able, I called CAP but, unsurprisingly, the line was either busy or nobody’s answering. So I decided to finally go there to claim the cheque because we were instructed to return after two months, and it’s already been two months and two days now.
I arrived at Glorieta 12 noon and arrived at CAP at around 12:15. The reason for this was I can at least continue reading Oedipus while waiting for the employees to return from lunch break and I anticipated that it’ll be hotter if I leave home after lunch.

The person in charge came, told me and other people there that there’s no funds and that I can call them through the number they gave us every Friday for updates on the cheque. Darn. At least before I left the building I asked one employee that if I do get my check then can I get the money on that same day and he said yes. Now that’s consolation. But I hope that it wont be in vain.

Nice classes we had today, Literary Criticism and Specialized Writing! :D

I saw something disturbing that made me want to get off the jeep I was riding. The jeep was about to get up the Quiapo bridge when I saw a male, maybe 20 something, foreigner and there was a child, well I’m not actually sure if the person is a child from my point of view but the person definitely is of lower height, with arms wrapped around his waist.

Now, sincerely I don’t want to think dirty about that scene and I was even thinking that maybe it’s just ok and that there’s really nothing malicious about it and that all’s just wholesome and nice. But it just too bothering for me. At around 8:30pm? In Quiapo? I’m sorry but just think MJ.

Now the title is attributed to this one:
There was a lady who was in front of me on the queue for the fx bound for home and she asked if I can save her place for her and I said ok. (I thought then that I should have said, "No." "No problem." ^_^)
And when she returned to her place, she looked at me and said "Thank you."
Weeheehee! :D
I was quite sleepy and was yawning a lot before but after that I got a bit perked up. Heheheheh. A simple "thank you" from another person for a little thing feels good inside.

Hay… I remember that sweet and nice looking girl at the library… She might be a new student librarian since, well, it’s quite obvious. From her uniform I can tell that she’s from ah… I wont tell which College or Faculty… :D
Basta. When I saw her I cant stop thinking about her now and again. Hay…
She’s rare.
She made me smile when I saw her the first time. It’s just automatic.

Well… gotta go!

Oh… yeah… I’m still a teen-ager!!! Wahahahahahahah!!!
I’m still nineteen!!!
But then… a few more days… a few more hours from now and there’ll just be exactly FOUR days before July 15, 2005! The day that I will be twenty years old. AAHH!!! I wont be a teen-ager anymore!!!

Hah! I’m still a teenager now!!! (That’s why I cant be sick for my remaining precious teen-age days!!! Days!)

Cheers! Live life and celebrate!


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