Friday, July 15, 2005

Starting Today, I'm Twenty Years Old!

I'm not a teen-ager anymore...

I'm twenty already! :D

It's my birthday today and I love myself and people more and more!

Hum... what can I say? I can say a lot but I seem not to think of anythinbg just yet.

Oh... yeah!

I was sitting on the ceramic throne this morning when a thought came into my mind:

"Ang tanda ko na..."

then I murmured:

"'di. Teen-ager pa ako."

A nanosecond later I caught myself and spoke aloud:

"OMG! Twenty na ako!"

Then after that, while I was already taking a bath, it began to sink in, full blow, and everytime I say "Twenty na ako." I would just laugh almost in disbelief.
Actually, the thought still is trying to sink in deeper and settle itself...


Mela, Ria and me went to the newly open SM City San Lazaro after we decided to go after we had our early lunch. That mall smells like SM Makati and has some features resembling that of SM City Manila. We stopped once in a while to watch Freestyle perform.

Hay. I'm twenty! :D

Last night I was praying before I slept, thanking God that I am the way I am and that, so far, I got this far. Eheheheheh. Thanking for all the people that molded me: my family, my relatives, my friends, acquaintances, those that aided and were part of my growing up (and I still am), even those that were against me.

I am thankful for all the experiences, for everybody, and for every thing!

I want to thank you
For giving me the best day of my life
Seeing this date, July 15, 2005, makes me feel very good! I feel it as a lucky date. July the lucky month and 15 the lucky number! So, Luckyme! Ahahahahah! Birthday ko ngayon!
Maligayang bati!
Maligayang bati!
Maligayang, maligayang...
Maligayang bati!!!


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