Saturday, August 13, 2005

Sorting out Priorities. :D

I was so upset this morning that I even thought of death as a good option than what I was feeling then. It’s probably because I only had 15 minutes of sleep at past 6 am. And a minor thing happened that made me feel the way I did.
All because I decided to continue reading Harry Potter book 5 when it’s past 1 am and I had planned to sleep since I still had wake up at 7 to continue my review for the Preliminary Examination on Taxation at 11am.
But no, the temptation to read, and consequently finish, the book was too good to ignore.
And I did finish it at past 6am! Yehey! The book is, not was, marvelous! Notice the choice of term—"marvelous". That just shows how I enjoyed the book despite knowing unbidden, unwanted, not asked for, vital spoilers from the 6th book. There was one event in book 5 that I wasn’t expecting to happen but the moment I went through it I remembered that I was told about that one.
The test went well. I’ll be getting good grades, I hope. I haven’t flunked the exams, I expect.
Now I’m supposed to be feeling better that the pre exams are over but then we would have to face more…
The article for Sports JRN and the V.O. for broadcast JRN where we would have to interview a politician or a prominent personality. Well the sad this about this is that I don’t have direct contacts with these kind of people. Well, not that I know of any but I hope that my parents do. Hum… oh yeah, to my classmates, don’t try to interview Makati Mayor Binay because, according to a secretary at the City Hall, he’s too busy at the moment and I was told to well… hum… I guess I won’t delve on the details of the alternative. ;D
Basta! Good luck to all of us and may we all find that personality for our examination project.

Cheers! :D


There are particular times when you would simply want not to pretend that you’re having a bad time, or a very bad time as I had this morning, and just frown as much as you care and not make a straight face to make it look to everybody that all is going well and fine with you.
That is how I felt this morning.
I let my face show what and how much I felt inside. I had an unusually stern that morning. I was so upset that I said "idiot" with much gusto when the first tricycle that came by didn’t let me ride when I told the driver my destination.
But when I arrived at the fx queue I thought well the anger is now subsiding so what’s the use of holding on to the waning upset emotion. So after that I felt better again.
I remember Jenny telling me how happy I always am. And I know what she means. And I thank her for noticing, though to tell you the truth I’m not after a recognition that I am happy or whatever but I’m thankful nonetheless that she noticed. :D

So there!



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