Thursday, August 18, 2005

Watch Battle Royale 2!

I dunno but I heard that it's bad. They said that it's not as good as BR 1.

I disagree with the first but I agree with the latter.

The movie is about some *BLEEP* who have been sent to a/an *BLEEP* by a/the *BLEEP* so that they can *BLEEP* some *BLEEP* who are characters from BR 1 who are now recoginized as international terrorists.

Well, it's a good movie. Sorry by the way if, how unlikely and far-fetched it may be, I've touched a nerve by mentioning the T word.

The movie also contained a bit of something like a meddling USA on foreign affairs.

Btw, if you cant stomach (quite excessive) blood and dying teenagers, I advise you not to watch this.

*Bleep* talaga yang ibang Israelis na yan! Imagine one man grabbing a firearm from a soldier then opening fire at civilians who he knows to be Palestinians who are not even the ones who are meant to take over the lands that are being vacated by his fellow Israelis. Violence naturally will result from the pullout but it doesn't have to go this far.
But of course it'll help to think from both sides if you consider yourself belonging to 1.) a nation without a territory to call it's own and 2.) a family that believes and have been taught that the very land they've built their house on is promised by God to their Biblical ancestor, Moses.
Pero yun... medyo kumbinsido parin ako na kung may mas terorista sa dalawang yan, Israel na yun.
Hay... fundamentalists... some of the most harmful kind of people on fellow human beings. Not to mention those somewhat harmful actions of people with messianic tendencies. (Wahahahah! Amerika ba ito. But dont get me wrong, I dont consider all of them as bad, to euphemize things, as you might think I do.)
Cheers! :D


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