Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Cracking the Da Vinci Code.

My brother and I watched the Discovery Channel’s (if I remember the title correctly) Cracking the Da Vinci Code and it was great!
We were un/fortunate to have not read the book (yet?) and have our faith shaken. But I doubt that that might happen if we were to read that book. Pity to those who did had their faiths shaken and toppled. I think having your faith shaken is good but loosing it is another matter.

Anyway, the documentary featured experts from around the world and they proved that the supposed "facts" were all a sham.
I would gladly ponder on this topic here but I guess I’ll be happier to just play a pc game. :D

Um… well I’ll say this much:

The Da Vinci Code, if I heard it accurately, was based on a previous book titled The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail. The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail was based on, if I remember the spelling right, the Secret Doccios from a library in France made by a certain man, whose name I forgot and was the person liable for all these.

That man made a well fabricated hoax to trace his lineage to the Merovingian Royal line and went as far as to claim that the Merovingian Royal line has Jesus and Magdalene as their ancestors. ^__^ Cute ano. He made up the "Priory of Zion" which he derived, according to the French Journalist on the documentary, from a nearby hill.

One expert from the documentary said that the person sited on Jesus’ right on Da Vinci’s The Last Supper is not Magdalene, but John the beloved, because if Da Vinci painted it that way then he would have been excommunicated, which he was not.

So there people. Smile. :D

After watching all that my brother said something which cracked me up and I was laughing maniacally but I caught myself and later I said "we should not feel that way for such ‘poor poor critturs’ according to Tom (from the book Uncle Tom’s Cabin)."


This pseudo vacation is making me both glad and uneasy. Yes, we don’t have classes for four days which started last Sunday but then that means we haven’t done much for our academic obligations: Theses, BroadJRN Project, SportsJRN Project, etc.
Well, it’s good and better enjoy it as it lasts.


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