Friday, September 09, 2005

One of the rare "is this really happening?" moments.

I was on my way to the main building when Nina*(*click for the link) saw me and told me that the UST SINGERS* were in our building. I heard them sing right then and so we went inside. They were in the middle of the already crowded lobby.
They were performing right there and as they sang more songs the more I felt disbelief at my luck at being there to hear it all. I mean, it's not everyday that you see them live and 8 feet in front of you, singing!
Like Nina, I was having goosebumps and shivers and all that and later I felt like (CORNY ALLERT!) telling her to pinch me to assure me all of it was real. I realized then that maybe I felt that way because this thing happening, the listening to all that, is rare and is usually, in my case, heard only from CDs and on TV or, rarely, on the radio. These things I dont really expereince much live.
And from the UST SINGERS no less! :D
Hay... It is during those times that I feel thankful to my alma mater* and the people in it.

Funny though because after that performance I went to the accounting office in the main building to request for the breakdown of fees for the second semester for my CAP* (that damn company!) and when I arrived I was made to wait for seven precious minutes because the person supposed to be attending to people like me wasn't there. The person on the nearby window told me that the person is present but gave me a reason why she's not there for the moment which I didnt hear (by then maybe I was already too impatient to hear excuses). It was already 2 pm when I arrived by the way so I thought the lunch break's way over so she's supposed to be sitting there attending to my needs. But then she might be in the cr or whatever.
But the point is, I need someone to attend to me right that instant because I was supposed to meet my thesis-mates, Ria* and Carmela*, and our adviser at 2pm and there I was still waiting for who-knows-how-long to be attended to. Well, she did come and told me that the breakdown of fees for the second semester is still not available and try ask again by the last week of this month.

I hope that my friend Ria* will be able to let it be.
She was included in the top 25 contenders for the AB Song Fest. We watched her perform at around 10:50 am at the St. Raymund's building AVR. Some of our friends and classmates were there to support her. We arrived just in time because the contestant before her was already singing. Carmela and I were nervous during her performance and we're hoping everything will be fine. She did well actually and we were all hoping that she'll be able to make it to the magic 12. She didn't. She may not have been included, but as the ABSC officer Chan said, it's still congratulations to them who did make it to the top 25.
Ria, magaling kang kumanta at huwag mo iyang bibitawan. Maybe your moment is not yet now. This is what I know is sure, this is only a minor drawback. This is only one competition. You still have your voice meaning you still have the oportunity to prove yourself again. Marami pang oportunidad kaya huwag kang tumigil sa pagkanta!
Cheers! :D


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