Friday, September 16, 2005

Going around Flickr!

I've been going around Flickr just now and found this!* (*click for the link) or, rather, him and his works. :D He's doing street photography and, base on what I saw on the photostreams, he'd been to Tokyo, Japan, Hongkong, China and New York (dun sa lugar ng mga kano). From one of his Flickr photostream about Hongkong I found this intriguing graffiti* that was being made by this guy* in Kowloon, Hongkong, China. He's called as the King of Kowloon China but according to this guy* he's not seeing much of those graffitis anymore.

(edited/inserted part:

Well, what do you know? This guy also his own site. :D Here!* Papapawow ka sa astig!)

Seeing these kinds of pictures makes me think:
that they have the vission and so do I (or so I assume),
they have been to places and as I have been (but not to where they've been), and that
they have the digicam to use and I'm still hoping to have my own. :D



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