Friday, September 30, 2005

Enjoyment and Suffering.


I was enjoying myself by looking at pics on flickr* (*click for the link) and saw this* huge rock taken by a lady in India which reminded me of another huge rock, named Lumaiug stone (fellow Thomasians from the Faculty of Arts and Letters, notice that one of the pavilions is named after the same person), perched precariously and supported only by three small stones in my mother's home province in Mayoyao, Ifugao*.


I dont rememeber what I was supposed to put here since I started the first portion yesterday. (Well it's the 1st day of October today...) But what I do think is that I'm supposed to talk about the idiot sonofagun who shot indescriminately last time and that I was anxious and woke up twice that night because of the noise that they created, and during which, very disturbing blurred thoughts and visions of words and phrases that impressed to me as the effect of thinking TOO MUCH about LitCrit and the Thesis.

So there. :D


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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