Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Take the Anxiety OUT OF MY SYSTEM!!!

I'm jolly most of the time.
I'm peaceful most of the time. Or so I think.
I'm comfortable most of the time. Or so I believe.

Those three facts are consistent despite all the chaos of things like I failed a quiz from Literary Criticism, and blah blah about personal issues and blah blah about people relations and blah blah about Taxation(!) and blah blah about... about, well, nothing else. (It's a secret, of a different magnitude, that has nothing to do with all the "superficial" things afforementioned actually.) :)

But this Im very sure... The thesis, the mere thought of it, makes me anxious despite the fact that we're almost over it now and I've done what I can do for now and that there's only one, only one, detail left unknown for the Statistical Treatment of Data. Despite that, I find myself not able to rest my mind and just wait fot things to JUST come as they are and let things happen as they should in time. Argh!!! I'm chewing on my gum extra harder right now just at the thought that I'm putting this here in my blog. Ack. My jaw hurts...

I think about it before I sleep... i think about it when I dont dont think of other things... I think about it when I think of academic obligations.

And they say that we just think of nothing else but sex! That's unfair and sexist actually.

(Having a great thesis=more gloating rights. More gloating rights=ego boost. Ego boost=better impression of the self. Better inpression of the self=better impression on people. Better impression on people=better impression on people of the opposite sex. Better impression on the people of the opposite sex=better relations with people of the opposite sex. Better relations with people of the opposite sex=better chances of finding a compatible "other". Better chances of finding a compatible "other"=actually finding that "other". Actually finding that "other"=Well, you know what I mean by now.)

But I can imagine myself actually missing doing the group thesis once were done with it.



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