Saturday, October 15, 2005

Rejoice for the First Semester has ENDED!

I was soooo happy the first night of the vacation I cant sleep until past 2am. And mind you, it wasnt watching the TV that kept me awake, it was the euphoria of the thought "The sem is over... OMG!!! THE... SEM... IS... OVER."

And the morning when I woke up I sang, like I always did, "the sun is up and I've got..." NOTHING TO DO!!! And it's alright! It's OK! It's gonna be a good day!

I was so hooked up with pc games that I felt guilt everytime I play, like I did last night and the day before and a while ago, because I knew that it's vacation and I'm one of those who dont have a stack of funds even during the vacation, so, there.

I'll miss LitCrit for some reason... I really do and please, my friends, dont kill me for my apparent alliance with Eliezl's "The Evil One". And I hope, by the way, that by missing her means that I'll really miss her and her suject for the second semester. "If you know what I mean." ^_^

Peace to all and enjoy the vacation while it lasts!

Btw, if you happen to have a mysterious misscaller with the numbers that end in 2951, then that misscaller must have been somebody very dear to me. "At kund di pa naman isang capital T kung di mo pa naintindihan yun."



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