Thursday, October 27, 2005

We passed! Rejoice for we passed!

The months left before graduation are slowy passing by...

Then after that...

Facing one of the realities of our country like all others in other parts of the world...

I'm part of the reality of unemployment, a reality which I dont want to get caught up in.

I'm still young (being 20 years young at present) but not foolish, or so I think, while a particular protion from my contemporaries are.

Early in life, I cant afford to be foolish.

Youth + foolishnesss... a foolish combination. Foolish but quite acceptable.

I still have 30 years remaining before I turn 50. 20 left before 40. 10 left before 30.
Five years from now, where will I be? What could I have done by then?
Hum... What could be the best career path for me to become eligible one day as Secretary General in the United Nations...
But, first, I have to earn my degree.
Cheers! ^_^


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