Monday, November 14, 2005

I thought I have been infected by tetanus!

I was worried sick for quite some time before I finally decided to consult a doctor and was a bit relieved when I heard her say that if it were Tetanus then I would have been dead after 24 hours because Tetanus has a fast reaction with the body.
She clarified things when I asked if Tetanus really takes effect after 24 hours and she answered that it's not exactly like that. Sometimes it takes 2-3 days. When I heard that, I was worried again because I got this (small) injury last Friday and it's now Monday. But I got relieved when she asked by motioning to her jaw if my jaw is locking already (Tetanus a.k.a. "lockjaw"). I said that it's not but I added that I'm having a headache but she said that it might just be because of something else.
I told her I have a headache, and I really do even up to now while I'm typing this, because I read just this morning that one of the symptoms of "lockjaw" is headache.


I do hope that I'm having this headache because I worried too much and also because of my erratic sleeping patern because I wanted to see more years and another chance to blog.


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