Thursday, December 01, 2005

Talk about blahs, happiness, the accident I witnessed this morning, and sex. Not necessarily in that order.

I wish to talk about blahs, happiness, the accident I witnessed this morning, and sex. Not necessarily in that order.

There are different kinds of happiness according to my cumulative thoughts up to this afternoon… (to be discussed some day though I was quite sure a while ago when the flow of thought was there…)

I was in the fx along J.P. Rizal Extension on the way to the Makati City Hall when this red motorcycle (the type used in X-Games, motocross) on our right crashed to the pavement, causing the driver and his son of around 8-years-old to fall on their stomachs. Actually it’s more appropriate to use the term sumadsad sa kalsada than nahulog.
Anyway, so there we were, the passengers, shocked by what happened. But guess what? None of us stopped to help. I’m not proud that I’m telling you this now, instead, I’m quite ashamed of myself and the “adults” inside the fx with me. I’ll share what I was thinking then especially after the driver told us that he would have helped those people but he was thinking of us, his passengers, and that we it might be a hassle (HASSLE!?!?!) for us if he were to stop and offer help. If he really were concerned enough then he would have told us “My passengers, would you mind me offering help to them? And if they accept, I might as well let them, or at least the child, ride with you so that we may bring them to the hospital.” Or something like that. But he just said, “Tutulungan ko na sana pero baka ma-blah blah kayo sa biyahe niyo.” Actually he was even afraid that somebody, a taxi driver, might have seen his fx’s plate number and he might be pointed to as the cause of the accident. (Damn. I feel bad right now recalling all these. Might not be able to talk about happiness after all.) None of the “adults” with me vocally suggested if we might stop to offer (or insist) help. Darn… I didn’t either. That might as well make me one of those “adults” too.

I suddenly feel very bad now. Opposite to how I was this morning right after I rose from bed.

The terms “bed” and the act of rising from it are not implying something that you might just be thinking of as something “unwholesome” that transpired during the night as brought by the term “sex” in the intro. (I can almost hear Mitch saying, “Talaga naman. Di makapag discuss ng happiness pero sex eto na.”) :D

Sex in itself is/may not be fulfilling.
Climax. Yun na? As in… yun na lang ba talaga yun? Is that all that has to be present for sex to be wonderful?

Couldn’t it be:
“Sex is wonderful because…
I feel (a term pertaining to emotion)”
I feel (a term pertaining physical to sensation)”
I’m finally doing it!”
I can finally do it!”
I can do it again!”
I’m doing it with you.”
we’re doing it again!”
I’m not doing it with (blah)!”
we’re doing it here (a phrase about a place… under the stars… on the beach… on the sand, for example).”

Masaya ako kasi our report on libel went quite well. :D

Cheers! Live life!
Classmates, have you thought that yesterday was the last November of our lives as college students? (of course, yes, I know, there are classmates/friends of ours with “special” cases. Wag kayo magalit sakin ha… please. :( Naisip ko lang kasi na last November nayun at ito na rin ang huling December natin, signaling the last complete year we’ll have as “ordinary” students... I can remember how I USED to wonder how long the years will be for me before I finish college… this was when I was, um, maybe, in Kinder, Nursery, Elementary… )


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