Saturday, December 17, 2005

My paternal Lolo Eduardo died last Thursday morning. I was thinking if it's proper to blog it down but then remembered that I blogged something about this before.

I learned it through text the night I was in Meri's kitchen with my group who were cooking Squid balls.

It was a bitter-more-than-sweet moment.

We were there to have fun supposedly and then suddenly... well, you get the picture.

But it's the way things are.

My younger brother is going with my Dad and cousin on a flight to Zamboanga tomorrow at 5:20 am.

I even pondered on whether going to Zambo or not, before it was finalized that my brother is the one going after all, because of certain reasons which I soon realized were not reasonable at all.

There is just no excuse for not seeing a departed Lolo who wanted to see us and even prepared a lot, expecting that we'll be with our father when he went there last June but because we had classes, we were not able to.

It's regretful though that I wont be able to see him for the last time. More regretful is that I wasnt able to see him while he's still alive and (It took me a good five minutes, and Ria to come and warn me that we're late for 30 minutes for the next class, to think if I can continue and finally type this word without hesitation... *very deep sigh...*) breathing.


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