Saturday, July 30, 2005


I’m utterly pressured… or I’m just pressuring my self.
Though the deadline for the articles are fairly in the somewhat distant future (August 4 & 9) I still can’t help but worry.
Damn. I hate this feeling...
I should stop myself from doing this.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

I suddenly got the urge to...

But heck...
just forget it.

: )

It's all because I saw this... *click here!*

Sunday, July 24, 2005


Brutal army US, you loose!


At last! I defeated the brutal army!

And I didnt even use the Chinese army, which would have made it more like a stroll in the park. But the GLA army is more than enough!


Cheers for me!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Sign of the Times.

I was in my room when my brother arrived from school and brought with him his dance mates. They're supposed to practice at our house since it's the one nearest.
I stayed in my room not wanting to be seen by HS people. Ack! Wierd... considering that I was once a HS person myself. (check out the repeatedly redundant sentence. Ahahahahah!) Ohum.

Then I finally decided to come out of my burrow and suffer looking at and being looked at by those HS people. I cant stop my self from producing a nervous grin. Darn. Composure slipping away... in front of them... in our house! Tsk.

When they all left and, hours later, we were about to sleep I had a realization...

So this is how those people may have felt then when we visited their homes for dance practices. I am pertaining to the kuyas and ates of my classmates in HS.

And that led to another realization...

From the words of my brother when I told him the issue:

"You're old."

That was evening of July 20 yesterday.


Friday, July 15, 2005

Starting Today, I'm Twenty Years Old!

I'm not a teen-ager anymore...

I'm twenty already! :D

It's my birthday today and I love myself and people more and more!

Hum... what can I say? I can say a lot but I seem not to think of anythinbg just yet.

Oh... yeah!

I was sitting on the ceramic throne this morning when a thought came into my mind:

"Ang tanda ko na..."

then I murmured:

"'di. Teen-ager pa ako."

A nanosecond later I caught myself and spoke aloud:

"OMG! Twenty na ako!"

Then after that, while I was already taking a bath, it began to sink in, full blow, and everytime I say "Twenty na ako." I would just laugh almost in disbelief.
Actually, the thought still is trying to sink in deeper and settle itself...


Mela, Ria and me went to the newly open SM City San Lazaro after we decided to go after we had our early lunch. That mall smells like SM Makati and has some features resembling that of SM City Manila. We stopped once in a while to watch Freestyle perform.

Hay. I'm twenty! :D

Last night I was praying before I slept, thanking God that I am the way I am and that, so far, I got this far. Eheheheheh. Thanking for all the people that molded me: my family, my relatives, my friends, acquaintances, those that aided and were part of my growing up (and I still am), even those that were against me.

I am thankful for all the experiences, for everybody, and for every thing!

I want to thank you
For giving me the best day of my life
Seeing this date, July 15, 2005, makes me feel very good! I feel it as a lucky date. July the lucky month and 15 the lucky number! So, Luckyme! Ahahahahah! Birthday ko ngayon!
Maligayang bati!
Maligayang bati!
Maligayang, maligayang...
Maligayang bati!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Today is My Last Teen Day!!!

What can I say
The Seven Years are almost over
Im feeling all this like it was a countdown to the end or something
Like counting the seconds as they slip past by you
As how a dying person would on the deathbed
Every hour, minute, and second left before that moment
(Yes... 12 hours, 7 minutes left and counting... or maybe, deminishing)
That crucial moment coming
Every moment right now lost forever
Is still being lost
I remember one line
"We are loosing our life the moment we were born."
Or maybe yet, better if told as
"Unti-unting nauubos ang ating buhay sa simula palang nang tayo ay isinilang."
I woke up bubbly this morning
Knowing that it is the last day
Actually, now I wonder
How would it be like on the real last day
I am happy and contented knowing that I'm happy and contented as things are
But it became a was a while ago when I heard something that made me think

What could I do for myself for this day
Now, I know, that what I can do best as of now is be as Im am
Reasonably Happy and Contented as always
Now I am, back to how I was
Reasonably Happy and Contented as always

This teen-ager business is great! It is (YES! I can still say is!) during this span of time that I've gone through the most pivotal momentS in my life. Actually, I still am going through these as I have been even before I turned 13. Ah... that year. That year when I stepped out of my childhood years and into my teen-age years, the last day of which encompas this day, today, while I am 19.

Um, actually, even philosophy will tell that a person will never be really, completely, trully, happy and contented as long as that person is alive. But I argue that people can still manage to attain a level of happiness and contentment that is possible here, that state I am always at.

Hay... basta ako ay labingsiyam na taong gulang... parin. :D
(Labing-isang oras at apatnaput-isang minuto ang natitira bago ako maging dalawampung taong gulang.)

Maligayang bati, maligayang bati, maligayang magligayang, maligayang bati!!!
July 14, 2005 ngayon.
Bukas, July 15, 2005.

Oh, the sun’ll come out tomorrow,
So you gotta’ hang on till’ tomorrow,
Come what may.

Tomorrow tomorrow, I love you tomorrow,
Your’e always a day away,

Tomorrow tomorrow, I love you tomorrow,
Your’e only a day away, (x10)


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I'm Still a Teen-ager!

Wahahahaha! It’s July 12, 2005 and I’m still a teen-ager! I woke up this morning and thought about becoming 20. Then it dawned on me that I’m still nineteen! I impulsively exclaimed "I’m still nineteen! I’m still a teen-ager!"


God… six years are coming to a close… curtains will close for this chapter and open at the same time for a new one. Tsk. Just imagine how I would react just before reaching 30… or 40! or… or… *almost faints* Joke! :D
But maybe even if I get well past ninety years old if ever, I still wont loose my inner-child. Well, this blog, my blog, isn't called yourkidatheart for nothing! :D

Then after realizing again that I only have a few days left (less than four days) as a teen-ager, I told myself what am I doing still lying in bed! I should get up and do things!

Like play a pc game just about now. Oh, yeah… maybe after I find that email about the ten notable theses last school year.

Cheers! :D

Monday, July 11, 2005

Things get better and better!

I woke up this morning with my joints aching, my head hurting, and my temperature up.
Tell tale signs that I am sick.
My first thought then was, "No! I can’t get sick. I don’t want to get sick. I’ll be going to CAP today before I go to class and I am sick!"
Getting sick is one of the things that I abhor. ABHOR.

So what I did was:
Pray that I get well pronto.
Chant to myself again and again, "I cant get sick!".
Indian sit on my bed and do the "Aum…"
Got myself a towel, cold water, and alcohol to wipe my face, neck and to apply cold compress on my forehead.
Drank genuine Calamansi juice.
Watched Friends when I thought of the "laughter is the best medicine" thing. (Friends just never fail to make me laugh though I found some questionable things on the show.)
Finally took one Alaxan tablet when all that I did gave no solution to my misery.
Sulked in my room when I still felt the pain.
Unknowingly slept and woke up sweaty with the wonderful feeling of being better! Ooh… I knew it… sweating eeez goood…

Then, when I was able, I called CAP but, unsurprisingly, the line was either busy or nobody’s answering. So I decided to finally go there to claim the cheque because we were instructed to return after two months, and it’s already been two months and two days now.
I arrived at Glorieta 12 noon and arrived at CAP at around 12:15. The reason for this was I can at least continue reading Oedipus while waiting for the employees to return from lunch break and I anticipated that it’ll be hotter if I leave home after lunch.

The person in charge came, told me and other people there that there’s no funds and that I can call them through the number they gave us every Friday for updates on the cheque. Darn. At least before I left the building I asked one employee that if I do get my check then can I get the money on that same day and he said yes. Now that’s consolation. But I hope that it wont be in vain.

Nice classes we had today, Literary Criticism and Specialized Writing! :D

I saw something disturbing that made me want to get off the jeep I was riding. The jeep was about to get up the Quiapo bridge when I saw a male, maybe 20 something, foreigner and there was a child, well I’m not actually sure if the person is a child from my point of view but the person definitely is of lower height, with arms wrapped around his waist.

Now, sincerely I don’t want to think dirty about that scene and I was even thinking that maybe it’s just ok and that there’s really nothing malicious about it and that all’s just wholesome and nice. But it just too bothering for me. At around 8:30pm? In Quiapo? I’m sorry but just think MJ.

Now the title is attributed to this one:
There was a lady who was in front of me on the queue for the fx bound for home and she asked if I can save her place for her and I said ok. (I thought then that I should have said, "No." "No problem." ^_^)
And when she returned to her place, she looked at me and said "Thank you."
Weeheehee! :D
I was quite sleepy and was yawning a lot before but after that I got a bit perked up. Heheheheh. A simple "thank you" from another person for a little thing feels good inside.

Hay… I remember that sweet and nice looking girl at the library… She might be a new student librarian since, well, it’s quite obvious. From her uniform I can tell that she’s from ah… I wont tell which College or Faculty… :D
Basta. When I saw her I cant stop thinking about her now and again. Hay…
She’s rare.
She made me smile when I saw her the first time. It’s just automatic.

Well… gotta go!

Oh… yeah… I’m still a teen-ager!!! Wahahahahahahah!!!
I’m still nineteen!!!
But then… a few more days… a few more hours from now and there’ll just be exactly FOUR days before July 15, 2005! The day that I will be twenty years old. AAHH!!! I wont be a teen-ager anymore!!!

Hah! I’m still a teenager now!!! (That’s why I cant be sick for my remaining precious teen-age days!!! Days!)

Cheers! Live life and celebrate!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Political Cry of an "Insignificant", but Socially Conscious, Civilian.

No to military government.
No to prolonged agony.
Madame President, please, be a leader and step down. You’re an economist, and from an economic perspective at least, you know what all these is doing to our country, to every family. Don’t wait until the inevitable comes when the AFP, for the third time in contemporary history, withdraw its support for the highest leader in the nation. Don’t wait for a bloody revolution that the most of us, for the time being, are not opting for. Please, the nation is showing signs of maturity already, let’s not go to the point where we would have to start from scratch again.


Here is how I originally started my post. However, as I was typing, the aforementioned just got out and I decided to put it at the top and put that kind of title. Btw, thanks to sir Chua, I was given an new way to look at important issues.

I was thinking on discussing here what was taught to us by our Lawyer Taxation Professor for almost 3 hours. However, that would take too much of my time and I was originally planning on playing Command And Conquer Generals.
He taught us about the intricate connection between the economy and the government and gave me, and my classmates I strongly believe, a new perspective on how to look at the government and it’s present grave condition and the vital role of media on national affairs.
Bottom line, and one of the lessons I can think of from all these, is always consider the real intention before taking an action. Now, that may sound puzzling or far fetched but it’s what I can think of for now… so… there.
Maybe when I have the luxury of time, I’ll discuss it here. For the mean time maybe you guys may want to check out my friends’ blogs. They may discuss it there. :D
I didn’t want de Castro to take over if, I now hope, Gloria resigns but after the lecture, I was, well, inclined, not brainwashed, to want him taking over the President’s seat.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Bombers are Cowards!

*turns on the tv for the news*

From Magandang Umaga Pilipinas: Isang Pinay and namatay (o nasugatan) sa pagsabog ng bomba sa London.


*Watches on CNN the footages on the aftermath of the bombings*


Cowards bombed three trains and a double decker bus during yesterday in London.
After the bombs exploded on the three trains near the King's Cross station during rush-hour, some of the people that were spared from the train bombs rode a double decker bus that, little did they know, also contained a bomb that, minutes later, would also explode and ultimately lead them to their deaths.

First thing in mind was shock. Second was the thought of people suspecting a particular nationality for all these. Meaning, the terrorists who are almost made synonymous with a particular religion.

The UN Security council condems the cowardly actions done in London. And I also heard from CNN that they are drafting something about terrorism.

Now that made me think... They better do the job well so that the very definition of terrorism wouldn't sound like they're defining war.
They're condemning this and that but have anybody thought of what regularly happens in Iraq? That bombs are exploding everywhere and anytime anybody could get killed? How about Bush's preemptive war with Iraq? Cant that be called terrorism too? Because today, civilian homes (the Iraqis) are being searched by heavily armed men with the suspicion that terrorists might be hiding inside. Now how would that affect the people? Think about the children in their formative years.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Memorize Aristotle's Poetics.

San ka pa?!!!

The day came when a professor told us this, "Memorize Aristotle's Poetics."
That was yesterday. And we should have memorized all of it by Monday.
I can almost feel my breath being taken away...

Naka na! Nagdadrama!!!

One of the things that'll help this planet is fewer inefficient people who gets paid to do their job. (Sorry if the syntax is erroneous but I dont care now.)
I went to the telegraphic in *bleep!* and to our (me and the people there) surprise, the money sent via telegraphic yesterday still havent arrived when it should have already. Possible problem is that the people in charge at the "sentro" still havent relayed it to their branch at *bleep!*. So there I was, at around 11am, waiting (in vain) for the instruction for the money's release to come. Well it did eventually, just five minutes ago. I was informed via sms, many thanks to the gracious lady at the telegraphic in *bleep!* where I always get money. :D
Rain is good but it doesnt seem so good when you start to get the weather-induced blues (a.k.a. that uneasy heavy-on-the-chest- feeling of being down) and if the water manages its way through your shoes and on to your feet. Ack!
Then you just have not much choice but deal with it and pretend that it didnt happen, the water seeping part I mean. You can always find ways to lift up your spirits if it were weather-induced blues. One example is by listening to upbeat music. This works for me like it did this morning, and I just realized it then that I may be really living this "Life should be celebrated!" decision. Hay... that just reminded me of another thing, I was reading the beginning of chapter 2 of our Ethics book. It tackles issues on happiness and the ways of how we seek happiness through the things that we do. An eye-opener, or rather, a reminder of things realized long ago...
Told you so! I am quite old for my age.
AHH!!! Which reminds me! One night my Brother told me "14 days to go" before... I... turn... turn... twenty!!! Beinte! Dalawampung taong gulang!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Watch Earthsea, one of the actresses there is Kirsten Kreuk, on the Hallmark channel!

This deserves its own post!

I watched Earthsea on the Hallmark channel last night and it was wonderful!!! Well-done plot and good special effects! Just don’t mind the tittle. :D

It was when I watched it that I concluded that I do have a crush on Kirsten Kreuk. Hay… How I wish that… hum… ^__^

Need to go home now!


Celebrate Life!!!

I decided this morning that no weather can completely dampen my good mood and that I should celebrate life. Life should be celebrated. :D


What do to do when you really want to blog?
Regardless of the time, go ahead and blog. :D Buy a Misterdonut and go straight to the net shop.
So here are my thoughts while at the jeepney:
I was seated at the back of the fx on my way to Taft Ave. There in front of me were a mother and her 3-yr-old toddler girl.
I didn’t immediately notice them at first but then I did. The little girl looked somewhat like Matet, during her childhood. I cant help but keep on looking at her, and sometimes at her mother, discreetly. :D

She’s so cute and bibo and energetic and inquisitive and her way of pronouncing words were like thrwi for three and puyis for police among other things. And AH! She’s so cute. One thing only was that her left shoe(?) keeps on hitting my right shoe. But thankfully her mother minds and tells her cute daughter to be careful with her feet. I can understand the relative restlessness then. If I were her age, I would have been more restless being made to sit that long.
Some of my thoughts then were: "omg… napapangiti ako…" "That’s right little girl, listen to what Mamma says and don’t step on the shoe." "Omg… this reminds me of that show where my senses went haywire when the Cambodian baby boy said ‘Dadda’." "wahhh! Ang cute! Thrwi!" "Omg… I can only imagine how it would feel to hear a baby’s first word/s. ‘Dadda!’ Ack!"
And when we were near the Makati fire station, there she goes standing and holding on to the fx’s door while her mother tries to sit her down.(ß tama ba?) And I thought then, "Don’t worry Momma, I’ll guard the door handle."
Then, as I thought, they get got off when we arrived at the City Hall.
Hay… bye little girl! :D


My kind of reaction to this kind of situation may mean some things. And one of them is, maybe, a natural inclination to like the little ones. And that maybe uh… (drumrolls!!!) (drumrolls!) (and more drumrolls!!!) uh… well… maybe you got the idea. :)

My friends and I went out of the St. Raymond’s building and after walking for a while, I realized that the present weather is how I want it to be most of the time. The humidity is low, but the air wasn’t too dry. The air was cool like it was in the day time. No rain. Everything’s juuust right.

I hope that things get more decent with my tagboard. Because lately some unwanted and very unexpected things were happening. Ok… please tb, now, let’s be civilized here… please don’t gross out my friends… Please…
Btw, the cheers part neither mean that I’m a drunkard nor an alcoholic, just to make things clear. :D

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Just when I thought that I can at last seat back and play this urge away with Command and Conquer Generals… the person sitting to my right surfs hentai.
Ack. And he’s still doing it right now!

(Brent, look straight to your own monitor. Look straight to your monitor! I command you! Left and right eyes look to your own monitor.)

Cant… focus… on… typing… Ooh, Dragonball characters and lots of others too!


I lost the battle.

*raises flag, a white one*


So as I’m looking at my monitor now, I’m thinking… uh… there’s no assignment for this week, so far, only the one for Ethics.
Now isn’t that timely. Ahahahah!


Hold your horses Brent!
*deep sigh*

Cheers! :D

(You can sign-out now Brent and leave for home. Now!)