Thursday, June 30, 2005


I feel a whole lot better now!

Estoy muy bien! :D

Hay... well... next thing to do is... go on and live the good life!

There's gotta be more to life...
Than chasing down every temporary high to satisfy me
Cause the more that I'm...
Tripping out thinking there must be more to life
Well it's life, but I'm sure... there's gotta be more
Than wanting more
Ganda no... galing sa kanta ni Stacie* (*click here for the complete lyrics)

I dont know if it's to early to say this but during those days I realized again that:

Life's just too short and precious to be too angry or too sad or even hate.
I have priorities clearly sorted.
A mistake cannot be corrected by another mistake.
Hindi yata ako magtatagal pag masama ng loob. I even was genuinely afraid that I'll die in my sleep sa sama ng loob. Damn. That thought was very sickening. I even wrote silly things in paper including my usernames and passwords to all my online accounts. SEE! Sickening nga talaga.

I can only smile broadly now that, for the love of the Loving God of the Universe, everything's going fine. Thank you po!

btw, tb, please dont call my friends as bitches ok. Salamat.

Cheers to all!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I was very very angry.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

My Future Wife Will Be The Luckiest Woman in the Universe!

I read Kitin's* (*click for the link) blog just now and that reminded me of something that I've been thinking about for the past few days:

My Wife Will Be The Luckiest Woman in the Universe!
And I'll be the luckiest man. :D

Kitin mentioned there "everybody is planning to marry from25 up" and I agree. I think I was in Highschool when I planned to get married at 25. But I guess that changed quite a bit now.
Because I now plan to establish myself first. Established and stable = financially capable, emotionally matured, and other aspects that are expected for a mature person. And maybe, If I do get to that point, I wont marry right away. Maybe I'll enjoy first all the fruits of my labor. Travel my whole country first, then the rest of the world.

Now... where could she be...

Monday, June 20, 2005

I'm one of the most understanding and considerate people alive today.

Hate ko sa mga tao yung humaharanag harang sa dinadaanan ko. Lalung-lalo na kung conscious na daraan ako at hindi pa magayos-ayos. Mga gagong (putang) boarders.

Sorry sa pagmumura pero gago sila e.

Isa pang gago yung gagong naturingang mas matanda pa sa akin e ang paguugali naman ay talaga naman. clue: di ko siya kaano-ano at bihira ko siyang makita sa paligid-ligid. Basta gago siya.

Hum... ano pa kayang ipopost ko...

Ah. Watch Encantadia.
"EEEWW!" You say? Pangit ba plot? Hinde. Mediocre special effects? No.
Kung ayaw mo sa mga stars na gumaganap, understandable yun. Pero kung minamaliit mo dahil sa nature ng show at naguumarte ka at nagpapaka-condescending* ka pa. Well wala lang. Ayoko nang magsalita.

*Kitin, naalala kita tuloy kasi one of the most used words mo yan e. :D That's all. ^__^

Hum... ano pa nga ba... *sigh* Ayun!

I'm one of the most understanding and considerate people alive today. Ask some of the people that know me. Heheheheheh. After magmumura sa opening ng post e no. Hweheheheheh. :D

Peace to the world and to our inner selves.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

I'm still a teen-ager and I have more than a thousand unread messages!

I read one of Carmela's* (*click for the link) posts just now and I was reminded, yet again, that I only have a very few more precious weeks before I turn 20. That means I wont be a teen-ager anymore. Ever.
Oh well. It might not be really such a big deal since I know that I've been way mature for my age since, um, I cant even remember. So there. Maybe it's just the realization that time is ticking and that things past will never be again.

Anyway... I opened my Yahoo! Mail and found this:

You have 1528 unread messages

Yup! Well, I dont actually have 1528 unread messages, I only have 1503 unread messages in my inbox, that's minus the bulk folder.

Hum... We wont be having class on Monday because our professors were gracious enough to not attend our first class and that would mean that the only days that we'll attend next week would be Thursday and Saturday...! Wah! Two days... We dont have classes every Tuesday and Wednesday plus the coming Friday'll be a holiday, Araw ng Maynila. Ugh... Somehow, I feel that this doesnt seem right.

There is/are thing/s that I dont seem to know about certain people... But why should I poke my nose into something that the person doesnt feel comfortable enough to let me know. I guess I may be sending missunderstood signals that prevents the certain topic to be opened up to me. I dont know. I guess I just feel a tinsey bit left out. It just makes me me feel quite uncomfortable, though I dont want to. But then, like me, people are entitled to their own issues. I just hope/wish that I wont bother myself most of the time wondering what IT might really be all about.

*big sigh*

Happy Father's Day Daddy!
Some (or most) people might say "yuck" and puke after they realize that 19-yr-old college senior will mention the aforementioned in big bold cyan letters in his weblog, with the use of the word "Daddy" instead of "Dad". Ehehehe. Some'll even think that a little daddy's girl is a more likely person to say this. ^_^ I understand but I'll tell you that that's how I call my father since I can remember, so piss off. Eheheheheh. Anyway, actually father's day wont be until tomorrow but I'll put it here to, hopefully, remind people.
I just remebered this song so before I end this for today I want you to read or, maybe, sing it, if you know the tune. ^__^
Make new friends
But keep the old.
One is silver
And the other is Gold.
I hope that certain people will read and understand this. :)

Bandits "shot toddler to stop his crying"

Bandits "shot toddler to stop his crying"*

*click too see the story

Dammit!!! Dammit!!!

That just reminded me of those perverse crimes.
One of which is the inccident wherein an 18-yr-old guy threw a homemade bomb (cookies you might have thought!) in to a classroom of 58 17 to 18-yr-old students.* After I heard this news on NHK I concluded that "The most twisted perverse-minded teeners award goes to... Japan!!! And first runner up goes to the United States of America!!! Why the US? Well, think of the two(?) most acclaimed school shooting incidents there.

At least tayo dito mga fillbox lang na ang mga nagpapasabog ay mga pipitchuging nag-aaway na gangs sa kamaynilaan at hindi yung naghahagis sa classrooms. Imagine.

Oh well. Gotta go. Time ko na dahil tinawag na mga pangalan namin at gutom na ako. Gutom na gutom. ^____^ Ack. How can I put a smiley here.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

The First Day of My Last School Year as a Journalism Student in UST.

I was walking along the catwalk just beside the St. Raymund's building when I noticed that I was taking everything in: That there's now a medium sized black dog beside the unused aquarium of a house that I always pass by on my way to school. How the line of indian trees seem to provide more shade (note: at 5:25 am) this time. That MIKE's BMW is still parked where we always see it. And that I feel more proud now that I'm here, a college SENIOR.

And quoting from a hotdog commercial: "Senior! Senior! We're so great!" ^___^


This attitude sometimes, no, always scares me. It's like I am anticipating for death all the time.
(Shit! SEE!)

It's scaring me right now. But I dont want this dread to really affect my psyche for I know well enough that it might have adverse effect top my health: physical, mental, emotional, and well, maybe, spiritual.

The thing is I do appreciate things more. Maybe more than I do before. You can say it's the opposite of seeing "not only is the glass half empty but also bitter".

Maybe Kitin is right when she called me "He who speaks like a Hallmark card and walks like a poem."

(NAKA NA!!!) ^___________^

Wahahahahahahahah! So there. :D

There are A LOT ot things that I want to put down here but I cant and it's because I dont want it to be read by certain people at certain times or that I cant blog for at that moment or that I can't recall the things to be put down when I'm already doing it just like right now.

Wah! I still want to work for Globe Trekker!!! GT's formerly entitled Lonely Planet and my favorite traveller/host is... (enter drumrolls please!) Justine Shapiro!

Yey! It's now almost 7 pm and my friends and I gotta go for our 7-9 pm Thesis class. :D

Monday, June 13, 2005

Two days before our class starts!

Our class starts this Thursday!

I hope (yup! Not wish.) that our professors for that day do attend.


This might just be my shortest post so far.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith

I'm proud of myseld for having watched, twice, this masterpiece yesterday. :D
Watch it too people!!! ^____^
Why I like Star Wars:
  • I watched every single episode since I was younger.
  • It makes me think and not just be fed by the movie's details like a mindless blob.
  • Makes me reflect.
  • It's the first movie that I watched twice in a row in a movie theater.
  • Star Wars, it is.

After planning to watch it before it was even shown weeks before, I finally went with Mela after the enrollment to watch it. And since we havent seen the first five minutes of the movie I decided to go back, after Mela got her ride, and watch the scene we missed, which led to watching the whole movie all over again. Eheheheheh! And it was GOOD!!! ^___^

Good because I can watch it alone and I was able to be more emotionally open without worrying of being seen (:D); and, after watching it for the first time I can repeat MOST of the lines while watching it the second time. ^__^ Plus I got to know some little vital details that I, quite reasonably, wasnt able to notice and know, through the conversations of the ladies just behind me.

*SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT!* Details like the relation of the two important characters that were adopted to their foster parents and their foster parents' names and why Padme Amidala looked the way she looked when she was already back in Naboo. *END OF SPOILER HERE!*

Hay... While watching it I went through another knowing-what-might-happen-next-and-why-and-urging-to-tell-the-person-beside-me but I stoped myself thinking that I shouldnt ruin the experience for them, her.So there. Stop reading this post and watch Star Wars!

Friday, June 03, 2005

Back from Mayoyao, Ifugao!

I’m back and blogging! Just came from Mayoyao, Ifugao! After arriving at the apartment here in Solano me and my bro went straight here at the net shop.

Going to Mayoyao and being in Mayoyao is always an experience, and so is the way out of it.

I made a lot of thinking while I was at Mayoyao. That place always make me think a lot more than usual. And it’s usually the very sensitive issues that I don’t dare think of that keeps on nagging in my head most of the times I’m there.

The place also makes music seem a whole lot more meaningful. You know, being within one of the wonders of the world, the mountains, the rice terraces, and the low lying clouds (being able to actually look DOWN at those and being within it), seeing it all after you wake up and anytime through a window of a house perched on the mountain side. :D Well, the whole issue of being there is "just" exhilarating!

What I just don’t like being in Mayoyao are those yawn-ish moments. Just sitting down and then it hits you that you don’t like to sit anymore for the time being and there’s nothing you can do about it. Yeah, darn. But I like being there most of the time.

Seeing the Sierra Madre from a window of a house perched on one of the mountains in Ifugao just makes me feel at awe…

And a few hours a ago while travelling made me realize just how amazing to see a really far mountain be made by my position's altitude while in Ifugao as seemingly nearer.

The cordilleras’ neighbor mountain, at least for me, looks like it seems to stand proud and challenge the mountains of Mayoyao for, well, it looks challenging. ^___^

Ack. Imagination.

I arrived in Mayoyao Saturday night and we came back here in Solano less than an hour ago.


Darn College Assurance Plan(CAP).
CAP just made the lives of thousands of subscribers a hell lot difficult. I know that people I know know about this so I don’t feel like expounding on this issue.
I just remembered. Hey Glaiza, on my way here, while looking at the rice fields, I thought about putting this on blog- the rice fields remind me of ANIMAX’s Samurai 7! ^____^ Aheheheheh! Yun lang. :D

I’ll miss the place and many people there.

AAHHHH!!! Now that the class opening’s a few days ahead I’m reluctant to go back but two months ago I wanted to back to class. Ack. Oh well. I have some unwanted unreasonable reasons but then I can’t do something about it so back to school I will. But first, have to get enrolled.

See ya guys on June 7!

Btw, I made a search on Ibarra Deri, one of the lucky one's to get to see Mayoyao, and saw that the photographer to took a picture of my very cute toddler nephew is not only a professional Dentist but is also quite a biggie person. Oh well. Just look up at the link I made with his name if anyone's interested.