Monday, November 21, 2005

More Potter Things!

Only Harry Potter can make me blog at this time of the night instead of going straight home to rest.


I was walking my way to the tricycle queue when I heard a grown man (you know, the type who would normally make me blog about because of the apparent rarity of the possibility of such a kind of person mentioning the name "Harry Potter", probably pertaining to the movie, at 10pm on the border of The Fort and Makati) mentioning the name "Harry Potter" which made me think about the movie and the book for the nth time. I rode the tricycle (I sat at the "back ride" portion of the vehicle, if you know what I mean) and I saw the marking on the person sitting beside me, the kind of marking me and my brother had last Saturday afternoon after the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie because I wanted to enter the theater to watch it all over again but did otherwise. That's when I decided to blog the one you're reading now. :D

Three spoilers ahead!!!

The movie didn't include particular nice details from the book like the one, according to my brother, about The Burrow. But then, maybe if they were to include everything from the book then the movie would have taken ages finish instead of two-and-a-half hours.

I realized that one of my favorites is the part where Harry was in the bubble bath with Myrtle. Heheheh. (I'm smiling right now actually. More of a grin.)

Ah! Brent umuwi ka na!


Hay... we want that Harry Potter ring tone...!

"Choosing between what is right and what is easy."---Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 2005

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

My brother and me watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at Market Market this afternoon. Ehe. ^_^

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire proved worth watching and is more deserving of praise than the previous Harry Potter movies!

There are obvious differences from the first three: The effects are better! The integrity of the book was preserved---the movie’s scenes, particular lines of the actors and etc. are based on the book! I literally spoke some of the actors’ lines before they say it! (To the constant irritation of my brother.)

The BEST Harry Potter movie so far!

The maturity of the characters and the movie is apparent. Aside from the obvious matured physique of the main characters, the names Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint need not be mentioned here because you already know them, there are particular scenes and issues tackled like love and all that.

Subtle spoiler allert! Spoiler ALLERT! SPOLIER ALLERT!!! Watch the movie before you continue reading.

Scenes that I love best:
  • Harry and the dragon.
  • When BLEEP BLEEPED BLEEP. My G! That was shocking. Though I knew the story by heart, I was caught off guard and was astounded when that part finally happened!
  • Harry and BLEEP. Here I expected something to happen that didn’t. What I expected was in the book. I remember my imagination then when I first read it. Exhilarating, very.
  • When BLEEP’s BLEEP found BLEEP BLEEP and was devastated. Heart wrenching. I was in tears. Reminds me of what I read that goes something like "Parents are not supposed to bury their children" and it’s related to a Jewish, and I should also mention universal, tradition.


Monday, November 14, 2005

I thought I have been infected by tetanus!

I was worried sick for quite some time before I finally decided to consult a doctor and was a bit relieved when I heard her say that if it were Tetanus then I would have been dead after 24 hours because Tetanus has a fast reaction with the body.
She clarified things when I asked if Tetanus really takes effect after 24 hours and she answered that it's not exactly like that. Sometimes it takes 2-3 days. When I heard that, I was worried again because I got this (small) injury last Friday and it's now Monday. But I got relieved when she asked by motioning to her jaw if my jaw is locking already (Tetanus a.k.a. "lockjaw"). I said that it's not but I added that I'm having a headache but she said that it might just be because of something else.
I told her I have a headache, and I really do even up to now while I'm typing this, because I read just this morning that one of the symptoms of "lockjaw" is headache.


I do hope that I'm having this headache because I worried too much and also because of my erratic sleeping patern because I wanted to see more years and another chance to blog.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Random Thoughts...

I was walking westward with by back to the east (duh) and I knew that it was 12 noon when I observed, which I remember doing before, that my shadow wasnt exactly under my feet like I thought it was supposed to during this time of the day. It was extending to my right pointing to the north. No, the shadow wasnt actually extending it's shadowy arm and was "pointing" (that would have been amusing and shocking at the same time), the shadow as a whole was "pointed" to the North. Then I recalled a previous thought on this: I am, obviously, in the Philippines and my country is situated in the Northern Hemisphere. That may be the reason why shadows here arent necessarily directly beneath objects and all that at noon because there's an angle. If I were nearer or at the Equator then what I initially expected would happen.


Last night I was wondering what is my reason for living.

Then I thought that books, especially the fiction ones are somehow means for escapism. I know that it widens the perspective and all that. *TING* Oh... It may be used as an escapist material but that may not necessarily be a bad thing. Because there is learning involved. Hum...
I guess I was thinking all that because I was quite down last night while holding a James A. Michener book, The Drifters.
I should be thankful for what I have now, then aim and work things out to gain or achive higher goals. Think of climbing a ladder. Revel in each step, appreciate what I have for the mean time, then aim for the next step.
There is always so much more to be said when I'm not blogging and was thinking of blogging what I wanted to blog but end up not putting it on blog when Im finally in front of the mindless computer.
According to a ka-Flickr, Julie, from France, things weren't as bad as the media projected about the riots going on there.
Yey! Nakablog ulit ako na medyo may kahabaan. :D

Friday, November 11, 2005

I'm still happy, with a greater reason this time.

I’m very thankful for how things are going on at present. Though I know that there are definitely a lot more to be done and things to get over with, I have learned long ago to stop once in a while and appreciate the good things as they come, especially if it’s something that I haven’t experienced for about a decade and may have even ceased to yearn for after some years.

Yeah, it's vague to you.

It’s something for me to cherish. ^_^