Sunday, March 05, 2006

Officially graduating at last!!!

I just sent the last project of my normal fifteen-year student life!

I feel... mixed emotions. A graduating student with no problems of back subjects, incompletes, financial obligations, etc., will understand what I'm going through so I guess... people understand more or less.

I'm showing pangs of euphoria, nostalgia, relief, and sadness from time to time starting yesterday.

My happiness from the thought of graduating will finally be complete with no more projectsn pending!!!

God of all nations
Merciful Lord of our restless being
Sweep with the golden lilies
This fountain of purest light
Trace with the sails of the galeons
the dream beyond our seeing
Touch with the flame of your kindness
The gloom of our darkest night
Keep us in beauty
In truth and Virtues
Impassioned embrace
Ever your valiant legions
Imbued with unending grace!
--The University of Santo Tomas Hymn
Memorize ko parin hanggang ngayon yan and I doubt if I'll forget it.
[edited: napansin ko pagkapublish na mukha palang puno... ung hymn if you havent noticed. Tsaka di pa pala tapos academic obligations ko dahil may iie-mail pa ako kay Lauren.]
For some reason, the song from my Nursery graduation entered my mind. Dont lose your way with each passing day...
How about this one:
As we go on
We remember
All the times we
had together
and as our lives change
come what ever
We will still be
Friends for ever.

OMG... Ga-graduate na tayo...
Sabi nga ni Art, "Starting next week, unemployed na tayo." At sabi ko naman ka Chris, jokingly btw just in case damputin nalang ako nalang araw, "Dadami ang unemployed! May rason naman para magwelga para pabagsakin si GMA!" Hahahahahah! Of course the unemployed scenario wouldn't last more than, probably, two months for me. No. Not probably pala because I'll make sure of it.

Thank you. That is for everybody, and God too, of course.