Sunday, December 09, 2007

May kinalaman umano ang Hukbong Sandatahan ng Pilipinas sa mga pagpatay ayon sa UN.

Tinagalog ko kasi sobrang nakakahiya lalo sa buong mundo kung i-inglisin ko pa. As if naman malaki ang posibilidad na may magbabasa nitong post na to. Hahahahahah!

What is our government turning into more than two decades after Martial Law? Will our armed forces continue to hunt down these civilians who are also supposed enemies of the powers that be?
Binago ko rin ang kulay ng nakasulat na pangungusap bago at pagkatapos nito para nawa'y di mabasa ng mga banyaga.

Nakakalungkot... Our four generations in the AFP... Atleast hindi naman buong organisasyon ang may kinalaman.

I just hope that the seige of the Manila Peninsula hotel will not overshadow the statement made by the UN representative about these extrajudicial killings.

Advance Merry Christmas to all!!!

Well... who knows... maybe the real Christmas Day is now.

That's it. Oprah Winfrey's campaigning for Barack Obama.

I'm not a citizen of the USA but whoever wins the US presidency would still inevitably have an impact on world politics, Asia, the Philippines, thus, affecting me.

If I were to vote in the US, I would go for Obama not only because Oprah campaigning for him but also because he represents something that is more or less out of the traditional politician that Clinton's husband used to be, according to what I've read atleast.

I hope there would be a time when someone who is not only popular but also of outstanding character would campaign for a candidate of his/her choice here in the Philippines.

Argh. If there would only be someone who is familiar with US politics that I can have a chat with in person.