Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yun DOW ba yun?

I was channel surfing at 3 am GMT+8 then I came upon CNBC and they were having some sort of a count down then they had the sound of bells in the back ground with this on the screen:

INDU +889.35
INDP 9065.12

Bloomberg channel was on the same.

Do I still hear recession? Huh? Huh?

Let's wait and see.

(Siyempre di ako magkukunwari na alam ko ang lahat ng napanood ko sa dalawang istasyong nabangit. Pero di rin naman ako magkukunwari na di ko alam ang mga nangyayari. ;-) )

Yehey. Sana ibigsabihin nito wala na kaming kliyenteng mababangkarote in the near future.

Friday, October 17, 2008

About blogs and other things

First or all, I’d like to thank Blogger for keeping may four year old baby alive despite my "neglect."

Okay. Now that’s out of the way. Let me start my talking about me, myself, and I. Oh yeah. Nah. Let me get off the whole "life lessons" (you know, all that appreciate life, live for the moment, like it’s the last day of your life, stuff) and share some little things, in a sentence(?) or two(?) about the blogs I just browsed/read/digested(?).

blogberrymom. Although her last post was last June, her blog always gives that "Aw how nice." Sweet, doting, expression on your face. Reminds you of how childhood should be: sweet, warm, and fuzzy-feeling inducing.

Bryan Boy… Hmm. Need I say more.

4ever7. My friend from *BLEEP.* All his games and all! Keep posting! Enjoy blogging dude!

Benz, I would appreciate an update sana. :)

Jake’s blog, interesting posts as always, had the most important person in his life mentioned, as always. Made me smile, at the least, as always.

Bajie… how to describe his blog…. Hmmm… a person once asked, "how will you describe Bajie?" I said, "I dunno. Bajie is Bajie." Maybe just like his blog: Bajie’s blog is Bajie’s blog (and more).

SalingPusa’s blog. Wow. All the pics and vids and posts on all things and all that. I admire the nationalistic colors! As I do for the other bloggerss here who have the same hue.

bisean. Of course this blog, as always, had something new and interesting probably just for anyone living in this, and the other, side of the world.

RONeiluke’s blog. Wow. Dark… artistic. Inclined towards what you’d readily think as "emo(?)"… with the background music from Schindler’s List. Gawd! Ambigat chong! Makes me wanna sing "Makulay ang buhay!" while reading all the posts. I hope Im not sending the wrong message, and if I did, let me say, maganda ang posts, kailangan nga lang ihanda ang sarili. :)

The new link of Saudi Jeans. How to describe this blog that I havent linked (yet) to my blog list… Had visited the link again after months of forgeting to pass by it… I guess it’s how a true Philippine-loving Filipino would blog if he were a Muslim and an Arab from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Gets mo ibig ko sabihin pag pinuntahan mo din yung dating link niya:

Oops! Text message… 6:27 am now. How time flies. Had Mom not texted I would have forgotten I’m off to the north today. Joke. (North, a.k.a. the northen part of Luzon, the land of the Ilocanos, Ifugaos, Igorots, i… i… all the peoples of the north. Today,a.k.a., right now.)

Visited more blogs today, after months(?!?!?!?!) of not reading blogs and living life.

Oh yeah. I suddenly remembered what a new friend told me one time: "digital karma." wahahahahah! You know, *BLEEP*, in the remote possibility of you reading this blog of mine, you know what I mean.

Also why do people hate Jenny Humphrey? (I dont care if I spelled her last name wrong.) I know she's a social climber and that she may not be as attractive as Blair but she's also there in the story to make it a little bit more interesting, and probably annoying. Haaay... Reminded me how puzzling it is for people to hate Cueshe when they were being given exposure years ago... hhmmm... Anyways!

So before I go I wanna share this link about what some claimed to be "Surprising Signs You'll Live Longer Than You Think"

Let me also say I hate divorce… But if it’s better than having to live miserably, then so be it. Good luck to Madonna and Guy.

And for people my generation who appreciated Britney Spears when she was just starting… AREN'T WE GLAD OUR BABY'S BACK? ;)