Thursday, May 26, 2005

We had a joyride kanina lang! We rode a tricycle from Solano all the way here to Bayombong, a municipality quite far from Solano. I was smiling and mentally swearing after smelling the wonderful scent of the rice fields wisped by the cool air. I was thinking while seated at the back of tricycle driver that "I'm sure I'll this same scene in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and in the rural areas in China, but probably in China the air will be cooler.

Hay, last night, or maybe the other night when the moon was full, I had the feeling that I should savor this moment, or every moment that I'm alive: the green of the grass under my sandals, the feel of the leaves on my right hand, the smell of the air, the sound from the neighbor's TV, the sound produced by gravel while I walk over them, just the whole experience of sensing everything knowing that after I die I will(may?) not be able to do all these again. Aside from that, these are all that my senses are feeding me, these things that I dont usually have the chance to feel back in Manila. Well, sure there are places that I can experience all these too but I know that everyplace has a feel unique to itself.

I was able to see Justine Shapiro again on Discovery Channel Travel and Living! Yehey! She's one of the hosts on the show that inspired me to take my present course, Journalism.
Hay... I know that there're a whole lot more that I can say about all these but I feel more like telling them live with someone, someone like you. Ahahahahahah! What Im I talking about.

I gotta go now and eat the Carbonara that one of my Mother's friends cooked just now. :D

Diary comes handy when blog isnt available.

I miss blogging, very much. But I find my diary useful when I want to put down things that I feel worth putting down during ungodly hours of 12:30-2:00 am before I go to sleep for the, uh, day.(?)

I thought this morning while eating brunch that people who keep diaries are those that have much to say, whether good or bad. Diaries are handy but I find it a pity that I cant put all my thoughts there here on blog.

Some of such are those thoughts about shows on Discovery Channel Travel and Living like Oliver’s Twist and The Naked Chef. No chef naked is on the show btw. I cant still find the logic for the title. Those shows make me think of myself. Especially on thoughts that I can so make much more out of myself.

I thought so! I just searched on Google and found out that my suspicion is true, "the naked chef" and Oliver of "Oliver's Twist" is one and the same. I wrote my suspicion on my diary this early morning.

More to say but my time is up! Bye and take care people!

Monday, May 23, 2005

For the past days here in Solano.

For the past few days here, up to yesterday, I was(?) really so in F*BLEEP!*K MODE!
*Think 40 Days.*


The weather here is almost as hot as in Manila but the good part is that you can expect most of the afternoons to be relatively cool and windy if not with the occasional rain like now. On one of my first afternoons here I said, "Wow... Sana ganito rin sa Manila."

Alam niyo ba na lagi kong gustong magblog. As in almost everytime when something happens I think of how I would put it here right that very moment. But due to time constraints and some other more important things that I do, I cant. Plus the one nearest, and safest, i.e. keylock-less net shop, closes at around 6-7pm. Imagine a net shop closing at 6-7pm! Oh well, ganun talaga siguro dito. Close nga yung net shop nayun ngayon lang for renovation. TY nga lang sa dun dahil pinag-extend kami ng bro for free for 30 mins before closing at 7:30.

So there... Di na pala ganun ka sure kung tuloy kami for Ifugao... Major obligations life ahead and Mommmy cant just leave to go with us to Mayoyao. I'm not willing to go ahead, alone, anyway and, I guess, so is my bro. Wala rin naman masyadong mangyayari dun ngayon dahil tapos na ang fiesta at kakatapos lang ng major engrandeng kasal nung lawyer at doctora last week. The doctora came from one of the most financially capable family there, btw. Nagmistula nga raw fiesta yung pueblo e. Not that I dare consider here that other weddings in Mayoyao as small timers because before you consider celebrating a wedding in my Mother's hometown, you have to put in mind that most from the local populace, and more likely from nearby towns, depending on the economic status of the couple, will attend. The same goes for wakes and other special occations.

Oh... I'll miss the cool fresh greeny air there! Argh! Gusto kong pumunta sa Mayoyao!!!

*Mayoyao, Mayoyao, I'll keep comming back to Mayoyao! There's no place like Mayoyao!*

After putting all these down, I know I might still not get enough and wonder if I have put down all that I want to put down.

I still havent finished Uncle Tom's Cabin, the book that inspired Jose Rizal to write his Noli Me Tangere. I've gopne past the middle and I'm loving it more and more, only I cant help but feel really bad because I predict that something really very bad and heart wrenching will happen in the story... *sigh*

Take care all you people! God bless!


Saturday, May 14, 2005

Here in Solano. :D

I opened my eyes while I was in Manila one morning this month, looked at the calendar, and gasped. It’s only a few moths before I turn 20! I was surprised not only because I again realized that I’ll not be in my teen years anymore but also because I noticed how strongly I reacted to the realization, considering that I just woke up.

So anyway, blah blah. the opening implies that while I'm putting this down, I'm not in Manila.

It’s my first day for this year to be here in Solano, Nueva Vizcaya and everything started great. :D Imagine arriving at around 5 in the morning and be greeted warmly by family members. My bro and I caught up on things after being apart for more than 1 ½ months. (Yeah, talk about brotherly love. I can almost strangle myself for putting this down.)

(Darn super snail speed net connection. Good thing I’m putting this down this time on WORD. Can’t easily open multiple sites. Cant even open my blog well.)

So there. I am here at the net shop because this morning I was planning to blog down all that happened so far to this moment. :D

Before taking a bath I heard my Mom’s “Khalakhalom kehn kun mun-amoh.” (Please hurry up with your bath, ok.)

Then a few minutes later, with the help and permission of my *BLEEP!*, I tried using the made-in-France fingerprint scanner connected to *BLLEP!*’s pc and as I place my right pointing finger I said, “Wow. Parang sa CSI.” (“O M G ! This is soooo way COOL! Just like those things they use on CSI!!!”) and the person who’s instructing me replied with, “Yan din yung sinabi sa seminar namin. Na kung napapanood din naming yung sa CSI, ganyan yung ginagamit.”

And btw, I have gained temporary access on something that allowed me to pry in to any Filipino’s personal info. But only as long as… that person is… eheheheheh.

Hay… the boon of being allowed by people from relatively high places…
But I’m not saying that… oh well, nuf with this. *enter Kerokeropi smile* ^_________^

I was able to eat a pinch of the longest tupig ever made a few hours ago for a world record here in Solano! Yey! A pinch will do for me considering that we came to few-footsteps-away highway where the tupig was cooked. I’m thankful enough because, imagine, I had a taste of (an undercooked part of) the worlds longest tupig ever made (so far).

But before all this, before my bath, I had my much needed haircut and, as usual, my Mom did the cutting. So my hair’s relatively shorter now.

I accompanied my Mom to do the grocery and imagine my happiness when I found C2 here. C2 in Solano is great considering C2-less Mercury Drug grocery stores in Manila. :D

I played Battle Realms again after all the ages that passed! YEY! At last, Battle Realms again!!!
But darn this net shop. It's such a hassle to cgange form one pc to another just because their damned pc cant open Yahoo!mail and blog properly. Screw them.

Right now though I’m hoping that blogger opens correctly so I can put this post. If you do read this I may have finally managed to post this.
Oh well, I’m not so sure when I’ll be in Ifugao but once I get there, I dunno, first of all, we’ll visit my very ill lola, the younger sister of my Mom’s Mom.

*sigh* atleast now, I'm directly typing on blog. Oh well, there are lots more better things in life than to revel in the un/conscious mistake/s of strangers who are supposed to give you quality goods and services.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Last OJT Kanina. (A very long interesting blog, I believe! Eheheh.) :D

I was seating at the back of the tricycle and I was thinking, "Now that the OJT is over, what now?…"

That was like… shyet… what will I do now.

I‘m gonna my OJT! I’m gonna miss the FEEL of being there! I’m gonna miss the people! I’m gonna miss what we always do!

Now that it’s over, and after reading my evaluation from ma’am Mia, I felt that I could’ve done better. Should’ve done better.

But thinking about it now, I guess I have taken some of what I’ve done a bit lightly and some more seriously. To sum it up, I guess if I were to do it again I may not do it any other way. Yeah, cliché but that’s how it is.

Bottom line is I’ll miss my OJT. (Yeah yeah, I already said that for the nth time already. But I don’t care. :D)

Hum… what else to type… Oh yeah! Every time I watch Samurai 7 on ANIMAX every 11 pm, I remember Glaiza and I can imagine that she’s watching too at the very moment, though I don’t really think she is lately since she told me once that she’s currently at Caylabne. Yeah Galiza, I forgot that I already read that on your blog when I texted you. :D I guess I was too caught up after watching Twin Spica, hearing and reading S 7’s opening theme song, and other stuffs.

Every time I watch that, I just want to text you! AHH!!! Obsessive Compulsive Disorder na ba ito? Hope not. Guess not.

The lines that strike me the most with the song goes something like are these:

"How much pain have you kept in your heart all this time.
How much hurt have you hid in your eyes to smile."


And Escaflowne’s story is getting better and better and better and better all the time.
And Twin Spica made me cry my worst in one episode alone almost as much as Magnifico and My Sassy Girl did. Midori Days just ended last Wednesday and was it sooo sweet or what?! Hontini daisuki!!!
Uh... Glai, Bdet, Jam, Elizel, Jhoboy, Chuck, and Abi, tama ba? :D


By the way, my previous post was done in good taste on my part, as much as possible, and I didn’t mean to hurt anybody. Truth is, I was already quite calm while I was typing that down. I only want to get it off my chest because I felt that it’s something that I really NEED to air out, just considering the frequency of the incident(?). ^__^ So there. Just making my self clear if ever I hurt people’s feelings because of that post.

Peace to all!

(Hard as it may be, "peace" is possible, maybe.)

Good Luck to Ria and her co-trainee on their OJT! Elizel, any progress?
So, again, there went another around more than one and a half hours for typing down on my blog. I therefore conclude the it takes me an average of one and one-fourth to one and a half hours to type down my post for blog for the day. Btw, now that the OJT's over for me, I may not be able to put down posts here for the very near future as much I do now. :D
Ah! I need to interact with my classmates!!! Especially with my friends!!!
Maganda ang Darna, medyo(?). Nakakatawa nga lang dahil may hinango sa Green Goblin ng Spider Man. So darn obvious. Some people by the way, based on what I hear from friends and chatting strangers around me, dont like or dont prefer Angel Locsin as the best Darna for the role. I think her body's ok but some dont. They also say that she looked like a mataray or not so good-heroine looking for the role, Darna.
Ang Encantadia/LOTR (duh)/Peter Pan (water fell scene with the mermaids)/Never Ending Story (remember the flying dog-like dragon[?]) /Star Wars (Anakin's briaded buntot) ay astig! I like the scene where the siblings took on their prodigal eldest daughter. I wasnt expecting that to happen! I was really surprised. Though I thought that the sisters or the second eldest should have taken on their eldest sis before the fight ensued between her and their mother. I wish though that the good characters should have been omnicient enough to sense what's obviously happening around them.
I like the pilot episode especially the part where the weak dwarves are being slashed helplessly by the bad guys! *evil grin here* Ahahahahahah! But the bad boss who later died was made stupid by the story when he didnt take the diamond of his fallen good guy enemy. Talk about not doing something that was the main cause of the killings.
Siya nga pala, nabanggit ko na ba na may binili akong sariling diary? Heheheheh. So yun. La lang sa iyo siguro. La akong paki. ^__^ Bitter ba? Nah. Dont wanna be bitter on my blog if I can help it.
Again, Peace to all! :D

Thursday, May 05, 2005

I Poured My Heart Out On This One. Something On Inconsideration And Being Abrasive.

I don’t know how to start this but I hope that how I put it down would be the best tactful way to say it.

I try to maintain good working and friendly relations with people around me. But there are times when they make it very hard for me to treat them well because of what they consciously and unconsciously do to me.What is one those things that really get to me? --- Inconsideration.

n : the quality of failing to be considerate of others [syn:inconsiderateness, thoughtlessness] [ant: consideration]

People are being inconsiderate when they un/consciously think only of themselves. When they put their welfare and comfort ahead on virtually almost everyone and everything at all times resulting to the utter discomfort of another.

This really get to me all the time probably because, as far as I can remember, I was taught to think of other people’s welfare aside from my own. And it’s just unnerving that people apparently lack this trait at times.

And this afternoon, it happened again for the almost unbearable nth time. I don’t want to go to details so I’ll put it this way...

When I equally deserve to obtain something, whether material or intellectual, as much as everybody does, it gets to my nerves when somebody makes himself a hindrance and not realize it. Worse is if the person knows but "simply" ignore. I consider it downright heartless when it is purposely done.

I think this afternoon it wasn’t purposely done because if it were, screw the person. Again, I believe that it wasn’t purposely done. I guess it was "just" in the person’s nature that the person did what the person did.

And that’s the worst part. That attitude is so ingrained in the person that I don’t know how to address the matter. Addressing it without having to explain something that would be best learned and realized on one’s own.

*very deep sigh*

Another reason why people’s inconsideration gets to my nerves is that when they do what they do, they become abrasive.

adj 1: causing abrasion [syn:scratchy] 2: sharply disagreeable; rigorous; "the harsh facts of court delays"; "an abrasive character" [syn: harsh] n : a substance that abrades or wears down [syn: abradant, abrasive material]
(The use of the term surprised me because it is only now that I found out that it is indeed used the way I thought of using it in this manner.)

Abrasive people, as the definition suggests, wear me down emotionally. And I hate it every time it happens. You see, when I get upset because of other people’s abrasive behavior, I get inclined to become abrasive myself. That’s the worst part for me because I become into somebody I don’t like and always avoid turning into. And when I'm abrasive, I wear people down, people who I care the most. And it hurts me when they suffer because of my behavior.

Migod, I hope that people who wear me, and other people down, realize this too. Because you see, it just turns into a vicious cycle. I cycle that I gladly don’t want to be part of.

Well, so there goes. I was contemplating on this post since I rode the FX at Pedro Gil on my way home. And God knows how easy it would be for me to tongue-lash, in a sense, to my heart’s content, but still, I held back and put this down as tactful and, rigorously, as transcendental as it is.
Transcendental daw e no.
The reason I put this down is because I want to get it off my chest and teach something from my experience.
We got autographs from Asi Taulava btw! And we saw and heard Wycoco in a press conference kanina!

Hay… last OJT day tomorrow… I’ll miss it for sure. Mostly because of the people.
And there went more than one and one-fourth hour of typing on this post. :D

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Exerps From Today's Random Thoughts. Some Realizations About My Self.

Exerps from my random thoughts today where at some parts consciously thought of putting it down on blog. :D

After seeing my blog right now: "Ay... walang nagcomment...(sa blog)"

While in the FX on my way to Manila: I'm having a bad moment because of what happened yesterday. *people involved withheld* Then realizes things that I dont really like and reasonable stuffs.

After today's OJT: I'm gonna ride the MRT again. :D (This craving for train rides started last Monday, when I rode a bus, and intensified last Tuesday, before I rode the MRT that day.)

While walking during some part of the day: "I think I'm having a case of bl _ _ ba _ _ _"

At the Kidney Center after I was a wee bit slowed down by somebody whose hair was the only thing I saw while I was walking: "Move you... nigger..." A split second later--- Oh shet...! what have I thought...

Later while the same person is now attending to my auntie: I was looking at her long curly eyelashes. "Could she be from Olonggapo." Nice eyes. Im having a sense of pride for her because of the feeling that she must have done very well in school to be a nurse. I, knowing the treatment of some/other people toward people like her. Then I had the urge to tell her, "Have you read Uncle Tom's Cabin?" I noticed that she's soft spoken.

In the jeep en route GMA7: I'm gonna ride the MRT again. :D

While waiting for the train and seeing the opposite side: Reminds me of Midory Days. Midory Days opening theme song playing in my head.

In the MRT train: Closed my eyes to hear the sound produced that resembles a plane taking off. Midory days opening theme song. Looks outside and sees the cars and other vehicles caught in the traffic, the train passing by like a dream. "Poor mortals."

In the jeep going through Forbes Park en route Market Market: "Where are you my alter-ego?" Thinks of things that I would gladly share with that peson who would appreciate the most.

Right now: I'm going to put down SOME realizations about my self.

Realizations about my self starts here.
I realized middle of last week while taking a bath that it is while I'm taking a bath that I think about issues that bother/concerns me the most or for the moment.
Heck. I admit that when I feel like it, I even take a break for a moment in my bath to pray.
(Now that's a shocker. I wonder what could be the person's expression looks like after reading this. :D )
I developed an uneasiness toward needles, caused probably by the frequent times of seeing my aunt having her injections. When I was younger, and when I say younger during the time that I dont fear needles, needles dont bother me at all. But now I (one or all of the following) cringe, feel uneasy, or look away evertime my aunt gets her injections or have her finger pricked for her blood sugar test. The worst was last Monday, or yesterday, when I saw the doctor taking my aunt's blood sample and my aunt flinched, apparently having felt pain. I guess the doc pulled that part of the injection, where you will be able to draw blood, too fast. Then I saw the needle, not quite thin and short.
I'm starting to hate what the elite have contributed in our society, from the colonial past to contemporary history, that directly or indirectly made most of the people, probably including me, to suffer.
Hah! I need to talk with people, not to, who will listen attentively about these matters.
So there went more than one and one-fourth hours with me just typing away on my blog.
I hope that people aside from me will read this. (whispers: And do something to let me know.)
Take care!
(Follow-up thought: "I hope to be with the person for me, reeeal soon. Right now will be much appreciated.")
I'm hungry.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Thank You Ma'am Mia Billones!

A billion thanks to you ma'am. *salutes* :D

Though we still havent finished our OJT I'm already more than thankful right now to our trainor. She's more than a trainor, I consider her our friend. With "our" pertaining to me, Mela, and Bdet. She taught us more than just writing but also gave us an insight on the media culture.

Hay. There's still more but I guess I'm not able to put it down now. I'm not even sure if I can put it down ever.

Hay. Sayang. Di kami nakasama kanina sa Centenial Birthday ni Dona Mary, mother of former President Joseph Ejercito Estrada.
Ayan. I'm hungry. Gotta go. I hope that I wont think of "Ay. Bakit nga pala d ko nalagay sa blog!" later. See you people! "Enjoy" the ojt, for those who are still having theirs, and the "vacation"! :D
Well, we sure are enjoying the ojt most of the time, I think. :D
Ahhh! Gotta go now. Stop typing!


I was fuming on my way here kanina!

Ako ang pinaka bobo na sumakay ng bus kanina. I droped myself off way too early before my supposed destination. Imagine, one southbound MRT station away from the Ayala station. And I walked the rest of the l o n g way with handkerchief on mouth and nose to protect myself from the smoke produced by buses that are better off crushed and turned into soda cans. If only the male and female people were not around 50 feet away behind me, I would have screamed without my handkerchief to cover my mouth. I screamed twice behind the hanky. Darn. I told myself then that "Im gonna kill my self for this!"

I even planned while in the bus to get one Quickly tofu drink as my reward for doing somethings today. But then, dammit, I had to be in such a state of consciousness that led to me thinking that I dont deserve that tofu drink. (btw, tofu is taho.)

So there I was finally at the jeep station on my way to Market Market. Maybe I deserve that Quickly tofu drink after all.

I arrived and went inside Market Market to look for Quickly. But to my much needed added frustration, I didnt find one! Dammit. Still I looked around, in vain. I was going down the escalator facing the front exit when I found the directory. Yey... maybe I'll find it there. But when I was already a few feet away from the directory and the exit... I decided not to look for it today and maybe just look for it some other time when I want to have Quickly in Market Market that badly again, and went out of the exit.

Well, atleast I have extra money for today's plan for tomorrow's movie viewing. (:D)

Darn. Just right now I thought that I lost all that I just typed here, when I higlighted all to make a copy, when everything went blank. Then I saw the "Recover post" (Now, where's Blogger's Create post underline option? Is there an underline option in the first place btw? I think there is.) and clicked it and I had my post back. :)

I think the reason why I got off the bus prematurely was that I was already a bit hungry when I left the Kidney Center. I was hungrier then there but found no food to my liking. And lost sufficient glucose to feed my brain. Another reason maybe was that the windows were too low for me to see enough of outside. Yeah, maybe the latter reason was quite a lame excuse.