Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Not for Minors.

"Hormones racing at the speed of light but that don't mean it's gonna be tonight."---Ginie in a Bottle by Christina Aguilera

AHHH!!! I guess this is called Summer-heat induced increase in lib*BLEEP*!

In case you still dont get it, here's another hint:

"So are you in heat?" (from a Sprite commercial)

Then I would say, "Yes! The sun's hot, the weather's hot, and so am I!"

No wonder most Mammals and other members of the animal kingdom mate during the Summer season. And there's that thing called "summer fling" or whatever you call that.


Ack! Gotta go. magwa-1:30 na. OJT.
In 20 minutes, and counting, Carmela, Bdet, and me will meet the reporter/s that would be training us for the OJT. :D
Yes!!! OJT at last!

But for the mean time I'm killing precious time here at ExCel SM Manila.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Boon and Bane of Swimming in Summer.

Yesterday, I had a headache. Today, I woke up with my hurting Splenius Capitis and my Trapezius m.
These are the mucles connected to the shoulders and the neck, the former you'll find in the nape while the latter is the one that makes the triangle shape of the neck and shoulders when seen from the back.
These aches and pains were caused by my "walang ahunan" motto everytime my body gets submerged in water. Well you see, I joined my God-siblings' swimming outing in Fort Max inland Resort in Paranaque yersterday after they invited me to come when I made a fortunate visit to their place the other day.
It was partially cloudy yesterday so it was a perfect weather for a swim. But then, when the sun's relatively harsh heat came out from time to time, I wasn't deterred to get out of the water and find shade. That's maybe the reason for my headache that started when we were on our way home.

But I had a great time plus the chance to practice my swimming skills. I can swim in place now at last! Wait, I already learned that during Mela's debut in Olongapo. Well, at least now I'm sure that I learned the technique.

I also like way the sun evened out my skin color. I just hope that the reddened parts wouldn't flake off a few days from now because I'm not so sure if they're actually sunburned.

Oh well. See you Mela and Bdet tom at 10:30am sharp at Mela's dorm. Good luck sa ating lahat na mag-Ojt! :D

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Women in my dream.

Sarah Geronimo and my girlfriend, Kitin, were in my dream this early morning.

I still cant get over it and I'm still wondering what it might mean. Well, it might actually mean nothing at all, the act of dream interpretation and all that.

But still, here are some of the details that I vividly remember:

I was carrying Kitin and her face was pressed on my shoulder. While I was carrying her I started walking from the corner of Espanya-P. Noval with the direction towards Dapitan along the sidewalk beside UST.

The strange thing was that she wasnt raising her head all that time and I can actually FEEL her body pressed to mine. (Rid your minds of dirt please.)

Now with Sarah...
We were having a good time talking. There was a funny part where I was about to carry her on my back and but I cant. I tried twice but it just seem that either I was too weak or that she was too heavy. Then there was one part where I held her hands and actually FELT her palm. And they were soft!

Wait a minute... carrying people...
Hum... What could that mean...

All in one afternoon.

We went to Global City, Taguig this afternoon.
We walked and ran around. Discovered some curious things about the area and took pictures.

It gave me the chance to unwind and have some quiet moments with myself. You know, being in the open, windy, and grassy (though browned by the summer) field of Global City in the afternoon does that to me evrytime I go there.

The afternoon went well--- the sun was warm, moon can already be seen (it'll be a Full Moon on Saturday! :D ), the wind was strong enough to blow our hair (and dust into our eyes from time to time), had the chance to apply what I learned from Photojrn on my companions who are ready to have their picture taken, familiar faces were there (bro saw his computer teacher and a jogging Onemig Bondoc), and people were flying kites.

WARNING!!! If you cant stomach soft details from CSI, dont read further.

Yeah, it went well alright until we saw in one area of GC on our way home a chunk of a motorcycle on a sidewalk, Policemen, the yellow "do not cross" Police line, and a dead man's body belly down with his face tilted on one side. (Sorry to my bro bec I asked him how the man was exactly positioned.)

Now, it's safe to resume reading from here.


Tsk. Tsk. I dont want to just say this but I'll go on anyway--- Poor man. Poor person who got hit by/hit the mortorcycle.

We arrived home safe and sound.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Most Important Post I Made on My Blog So Far

From the Discovery Channel’s Mummy Detectives I watched about an hour and a half ago, I learned that:
Jesus was born on April 17 6B.C.
The 3 Magi, who arrived at Bethlehem on December 19 6B.C., are from Persia and that they are experts in Ancient Astronomy, Dream Interpretation, and Magic.
The Magi saw that Jupiter, "The Star", was in the constellation of Aries and that was the sign that The King of Kings will be born in Judea.
They mentioned on the Mummy Detectives that…Jupiter = king of kings. But I’m not sure if they said that Aries = Judea.
They magi arrived at Judea in December 19 6B.C. and met Herod. They were instructed to go to Bethlehem because the prophecies said that the king who will free the Israelites from the Romans will be born there.
The Holy Family fled to Egypt an might had most likely stayed in the place where Queen Cleopatra had a Judean garden made, 30 years ago, for herself, complete with imported trees from Judea and Judean people to tend the garden.
The magi, were composed of one young man, middle-aged man, and an old man as shown on the 16th Century painting from Ravenna, based on the legend of the magi’s age.
The relic of the magi are found in Cologne, Germany. The back of their skulls were analyzed by the host and it proved the age legend.
The relics were collected by Queen Helen, mother of Constantine, during the 4th century.

The act of gift giving during Christmas came from the three magi.
The act of shaking hands originated from the Persian Empire.
December 25 was originally the celebration for a sun-god’s birthday.

Well... advance Merry Christmas then! :D

Enjoy(?) the Holy Week! :D

Sunday, March 20, 2005

I think I'll miss school...

For the past months I've been wondering what will become of me after Graduation...
What will become of me during the OJT... that is if I'll be on OJT this summer...

Palm Sunday Mass

I'm not being "religious" here. Though I dont think anything is wrong by being one. I just want to put down what just happened to me about an hour ago.

Me and my bro just came from church.(at diretso agad dito sa netshop e no. :p ) We didnt complete the Mass since it started late by 30 mins than the usual sched so we arrived when they were about to start the Our Father.

The Priest didnt go out of the Church so the palaspas that we brougth wasnt even blessed. Well you see, the chuch was jampacked that the many people, like us, werent able to get in.

I didnt even take the Communion today.


Friday, March 18, 2005

I saw a boy, not older than ten years old, jump from the bridge that connects Lawton and Quiapo an hour ago. I wonder if he survived the jump but I hope he did.

I wonder if I will hear from the news tonight that “a child jumped from the Quiapo bridge and drowned.”

Ack. Morbid.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Did two stupid things today...

1. Details I dont want to publish. Saved the details on the draft.

2. I think I just failed the hardest Final exam I had so far. The dreaded Poldy Final exam...

Read Mela's blog. She wrote the contrary. :P

Nung Paskuhan last year! :D

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


How I wish I can fly...

Hey peeps why is the taggy failing lately... hum...

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Contemplating on something...

brent and badet
There! That's all for now.

Got these from a latest "bestfriend",

Thank God for these things and the people who helped me take these pics. :D
It's difficult to post deep-seated very sensitive and very personal issues on my blog. I have tons of things that I have in mind, that go on in my life, etc. that I dont have the courage to tell personally or the courage to post here. It's because of the people involved and the issue/s that it might contain.

There are plenty f things that I keep to myself. Things that I dont feel like it's right to tell. But it feels difficult having to keep it to myself, carry it alone and not tell anybody, having the possibility of risking myself being expose to unwanted attention or my issues being told to unwanted audience.

And the worse that can happen is that when you do tell, you will be (maybe) taken lighly. The person told not being able to fully understand the true magnitude of the issue.

But then, you dear reader may not care at all anyway. So go on, stop, and read other blogs.

I'm hungry and I have to go find something to eat. Ack. I'm late by 15 minutes and counting for my last Art Appreciation class.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Hot Summer day

Summer is here! But not just an ordinary summer because El Niño is comming.

Be ready for pangs of water shortages if not complete absence, dying plants, hot-headedness, sunburn, extreme boredom, nosebleeds, etc.

Oh well. May pasok pa pala tayo kaya mahirap ma-bore.

Take care people! :D

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Top Two Most Corrupt Country in ASIA

And the First Runner-up is... The Philippines!!!

We're supposed to clap and cheer everytime we hear something like this regarding our country. But we're not supposed to do that this time.

I saw/heard/read from the news that we took the place as the second most corrupt country in Asia. They said Actually I read on dont know if I should be posting this down knowing that it contains the magnitude of shame that my country is supposed to carry. But then the truth sometimes hurts but it would be for the better if it were to be faced. Ohum. Pardon my gibberish.

I just read this morning from the reading material that we're supposed to read for the test this evening that the problem is (maybe) not 'the prevalence corruption per se, but the great variability of corruption.' The reading also said that 'it is highly variable corruption that most impedes "the development of rational economic activity."' I would like to add that too much corruption takes too much money from the goverment treasury. Money that should have been allocated for civil projects that would the benefit of the state's constituents who most need the aid of the government officials that they put in power who, now, corrupts the government.

Added info: 1. Do you know that the Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Bureau of Customs, the two tax colleting bodies of the Republic of the Philppines, is under the control of the Philppine President? Ohum. Maybe you didn't. Now you do.

2. The most corrupt country in Asia is Indonesia. Tsk. That's maybe why I heard on the TV Patrol of ABS-CBN that the rations for the Tsunami victims ware on-hold, during that time the news was being aired, because corruption was rampant and that the people in charge want to be sure that the goods would go to the right people.

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.
So the next time you vote people, vote wisely. But then again, if the money beckons, all heed.
Nevermind the next six years, minimum, of unseen suffering.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Un summer-like days and nights

(Prelude: ahahahahah! Andyan lang pala sa baba. Naiba kasi yung time e gusto kung baguhin kaya klinick ko yung back then biglang pagbalik ala na. E eto nakita ko na andyan na pala sa baba at napost na pala. Kaya ayan itinama ko na yung time pero di ko narin binura tong post na mambabasa niyo. Magegets niyo lalo kung babasahin niyo nga ang postS ko. eheheheh. :P)

WAHH!!! Nawala post ko ngayon lang! buwiset!!!

Oh well... I-summarize ko nalang kasi nakakapagod at nakakafrustrate ang ulitin ang naipost na dapat pero di napost dahil sa ilang dahilan. Darn.

The weather's wierd for the past 4 days because, as you people have noticed, the day was cool last Friday, it rained last Saturday, and it's still cool this morning. I dont know the temperature outside right now since Im in this cold edifice called the library.

Quoted verbatim from the original post: "And I heard on the news yesterday that our cool days are over."

Stupid missinformation dissemination! Darn dumb people reponsible for the news.

And right now it's snowing hard in Japan and Korea... Bakit kaya ganun? Baka magkakaiba ang cycle ng seasons sa ibat-ibang bahagi ng mundo. Oo nga ata. Ganun ata yun. Oh well. You might ask why do I care or why would you care but arent you wondering why these are happening? Anyway...

Take care people!

Very un-summer-like days and nights

I have noticed for the past 4 days or so that the air is cooler than usual considering that it's already March and that it had been hot for the past weeks. I even remembered telling Ria things like "Fall in UST" since the leaves of the trees everywhere are falling already due to the absence of rain.

But it rained last Saturday, March 5. The day previous that was cool with rain clouds just hovering overhead.

And they said in the news yesterday that the cools days are over for us.

Darn missinformation dissemination of the dumb media (people)!!!

Dont they wake up in the morning and feel the chill in the air. Oh well, they must be sleeping in always-chilly airconditioned rooms anyway. But then, they should've felt the cool in the air when they go to work or when they go out of their homes/condos, right? Dont they also see the existence of rain clouds over the metropolis?

Oh well... It was hot but now it's cool. But inevitably it's going to get hot again, then hotter.

*yawn* I was watching the news on NHK last weekend there's a heavy snowfall there in Japan. I saw in a news program this morning that there's also heavy snowfall right now in South Korea (logically, that includes NK as well). Why do I care? Or why would you care. We need not care(maybe). But dont you see that it's supposed to be Summer already but all these is happenening. Or maybe all all these different weather phenomena has to do with the unique seasons' cycles in different countries or continents... Oh well. (Notice the dominant "s" sound? eheheh.)

Vision of Escaflowne

Watch The Vision of Escaflowne on ANIMAX every Wenesday at 10-11 pm. I dont know if there will be reruns the next day, Thursday, but I did watch the reruns yesterday.

It's one of those animes that I consider waaaay ahead of its time. As in way ahead as Arjuna today with other animes. It was first shown in the 90s but unfortunately I'm one of the unfortunate ones who didnt see it then. But I'm really glad that I'm watching it now!!!

The noticeable difference of The Vision of Escaflowne with the other magical/living giant robot/action/love stories is that they actually showed how the magical/living(?) giant robot functions in sync with the operartor/pilot, unlike in other shows like Gundam, where the male pilots are seated, and Magic Knight Rayearth, where the ladies are standing.

But it reminds me of Magic Knight Rayearth more than anything. With all the another-world plot and stuffs plus the perfect anime face (with some exceptions) and physique of the protagonists & antagonists.

Midori Days

It's a wondeful anime that reminds me of *sniffs* Fruits Basket!!!

*bawls* (Joke!)

I just have this gut-feel that I would encounter similar situations in the show that would give me feelings resembling those that were evoked by Fruits Basket. I found that this became obvious to me on the episode wherein Seiji's older sister told Midori about her yunger brother's childhood. The scenes-from-the-past part with the appropriate background music really brings you to the right mood. *sigh* Oh well... :D

Just watch it on ANIMAX every Wednesday at 9pm. With reruns the next day and on weekends.

Havent made any update lately

Been too busy. Been to lazy. (Not news actually.)

I want to post something almost all the time but then I can't because of several facrtors: I'm at home doing something and can't go out, I'm at home doing nothing and just too lazy to go out, the day's too scorchingly hot for me to go out, or, it's way too late at 12 midnight for me to go out.


That is why I write down some of my posts-to-be!!! Ingenious eh! :D

Here is one of those:

What makes a good poem?
S/He who made it?
Or him/her/it that
It was made for?
O diba! Amateuric! Yaan niyo na. :P Minsan lang yan!
Hay... malapit na ang "bakasyon"... may double quotation marks kasi may OJT pa tayong lahat na mga Journ students! Wahhhh!!!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Open Forum with my classmates

Yeah. We had an open forum kanina. And it was quite a success because people said their sides about serious topics. Yes, all of the topics then are/were serious for me. And I'm glad that everything was resolved, more or less.

After the forum, I felt that my chest feels a lot lighter than before. I hope that this continues way beyond after we graduate next year. Antagal pa nun. Or medyo malapit na!


But I do hope that this never happens again. First of all because we see each other almost everyday. Second, we are Junior College students, not Junior High School students to put those issues on a Yahoogroup that would be read by everybody without even revealing one's true identity by using an "anonymous" email add. Third, because we are already/almost adults now and actions should be thought of before execution. I'm not saying that I'm not guilty of such immature actions but what I'm saying is that we should be as civil and as mature as possible, always.

Why repair a damage if it could have been prevented in the first place.
(nasabi ko na pero nais kung bigyang diin) Meaning, be careful with actions because after that, ir/repairable damage may have already been inflicted.

As for me, like I already said, ok na ako.

Sincere yan. :D

Peace people!

Emotional Roller Coaster (a sequel to Bi-shounnen Overload)

I watched NHK again last Saturday evening when I arrived home at around 9:15. The show started already but that's ok.

Um... I'll just continue this next time. Gotta go home. I guess the title can tell much of the story for now. :D

Take care people! :D
published 8:41 pm Feb 28, 2005, Monday

This is the continuation: (:D)

Things that I wrote down while watching the show: (Oo. Nag-take down notes pa talaga ako. :) )

Kat-tun ---> The six-memeber boy group
"Be yourself"
"Mid-night train" --- song ng boy, as in kid, group
"A Ra Shi"--- song
"Ha-ru-nat-tsu-aki-fu-yu"---kid group song

Antaas ng energy! Antidote para sa mga sad Japanese or sa Japanese na sad.

"Gold"---ballad by Kat-tun

they made a rendition of "Like A Bridge Over Troubled Waters" (um... mali ata title ko.)

Aha! Ayan naman yung mga audience. May mga nanay-nanay.

OHMAIGAWD! Ba't sila naka-kurtina!
"Kamukha ni Pokwang."-- sabi ni ate Magda. And she's right.

Whatthe parang lion's mane.

Mukhang babae...

OMG. Mukhang rag ang hair.
Ihihi. Ayan na naman yung audience.

Shyet. Kung may liligawan akong Haponesa dapat ganyan kaganda.

OMG. Fairy attire...? (on a guy?!)

Antaas parin ng energy pero mukha ng tanga. (for me. :) )

Aba. Madrama... nice.

Eto nanaman yung mini-talk portion w/ the younger and older guy.

See! Shounnen! Binanggit na nga talaga.
Eto yung may guest sila.
Ah. Artist nga.
Ahehe! Yung tawa niya pambata nga. :)
Is it just me or may pagkaduling yung bata...

"Oh shet... ang ganda/ang astig ng stage nila..."---me and ate.
from blue light... it pointed to the smoking floor and became rose pink...

Ah... tapos na... :D


Ooh.(sounds like moo w/o the letter m.) Kawaii. (the female anchor/newscaster)

*click. Change channel*
Animax. Oh. Midori Days. First parts of the first episode. Hum... :)

gotta change clothes (or take a bath) it's 10:30 and I've been here since around 9:15

*watches part where Seiji wakes up w/ Midori for a right hand.*
Ahahah! This is wild.

One nice thing about this show is that you see the audience actively participate in the show. I even saw, like I said already, women who are nanay-nanay na. I realized then that shows of this kind is a good antidote for the sad Japanese or Japanese na sad. gets? Basta sad people, not necessarily the Japanese as a nation of sad people but individuals who are Japanese and sad at the same time. Clear? :D ehehe. Naalala ko... one audience was on the stage among others at inakbayan siya ng isang artist then she still continued what she was doing, i.e., like what we do when we sing the UST hymn, while covering her mouth-nose area in embarrassment. Kung dito sa Pilipinas yan more likely yung aakbayan e yayakapin at hahalikan habang nagtatatalon yung gumagawa. ehehehhe. or maybe di rin kasi depende sa tao.

Salamat nga pala kay Glaiza M...*muffled sound* ay medyo ayaw nga pala niya ng kinukumpleto name niya kasi masyado daw atang exposed. Basta. Maraming salamat Glai-chan sa pagpapahiram mo sa akin ng Zatoichi!!! :D