Friday, June 15, 2007

Unforgivable Breach of Trust, Almost

A mother of two met a young boy of eleven in front of the local Mercury Drug store.
The boy is all scrawny and looks like a hobo. The mother took pity and was planning to take the boy home. Other people who saw him are also interested in taking him home, to give him a nice home perhaps or atleast to give him some decent meal.
The boy went along with the mother. The mother bathed the boy, changed his clothes and fed him. The mother learned he's the third child among nine children. His father is a tricycle driver while his mother stays at home. His eldest brother, according to the boy, is living with some friends while the rest are out of school except for two siblings. This particular boy had been accustomed to running away from home as, according to him, his mother would reprimand them for the smallest mistakes. The mother of two told him that it's normal for mothers to scold their children for the mistakes that they make.

As the day passed by, the mother is beginning to make up her mind on adopting this boy. She thought about helping him continue his education aside from giving him a better shot at life. She even told her two sons about it that evening. They talked about it and they considered going to DSWD first or perhaps try talking to the boy's parents first. They do deserve to know their child's condition after all.

The next morning the mother of two sent the child to his parents, or atleast to the boy's neighbor as he doesn’t even want to see his family. The mother of two gave him some money and spaghetti.

The mother was really wasn’t expecting the boy to return. She also wanted the boy to decide on his own whether he really wanted to leave their home, or go back and stay for good.

The boy came back before noon.

They ate lunch together with the mother's elder son as the younger went to school. He's on his second day in college. The mother cut his elder son's hair for he had let it grow for some months already and he doesn’t really trust too many people to touch his hair.

They all had their siesta.

The mother woke up later that afternoon. She noticed that the boy is missing. And not only that, as well as his younger son's cellphone, cellphone charger, and MP4 player.

The mother, his younger son that came home that afternoon and their close relative searched the neighborhood. The mother talked to the security guard in Mercury Drug where she met the boy and told him what had happened. The guard said several possibilities like the boy may be a member of a syndicate.

The elder brother woke up that evening to learn about what happened. The elder brother knew by then that his mother was broken-hearted with the breach of trust. The two brothers can't help but blame themselves also for letting themselves trust too fast, too early. The younger brother was wondering why the syndicate issue didn't even occur to him as he is aware of it.

The mother was wondering though why the boy took her son's cellphone instead of hers when both are on the center table. She was thinking that perhaps the boy atleast considered what she did for him. The elder son thought that maybe because those are the "in" things today, a camera phone with its charger and an MP4 player.

Had the boy stayed, the family thought, he may have had a better life and a chance perhaps to finish his studies. The mother even asked the boy in front of his elder son if he would consider, if it would be possible, taking Lumayna, the mother's maiden name, as his last name someday.

Your humble blogger can almost shed a tear right now at the thought of what had happened. Yourkidatheart would turn back time if he can and would do all to prevent his mother from going through the pain that that boy had given his mother.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Hey! Check this out! My very own celebrity look-alikes?!

This part 2 is very flattering indeed.

I wish I knew this site earlier. hehe. ^_^ Thanks bro!

Friday, June 01, 2007

I'm at Another Crossroads

I'm in another pivotal moment in my life where things aren't as settled as they were. It's like graduating in college. You know where you want to be but you're not sure if fate will let you get there no matter how much you wanted to.

Dont leave a good party just because you think you'll have a better time in another.--- Well, I'm not enjoying this party anymore, if ever it was in the first place, and I've seriously decided to leave it no matter what.

I'm willing to leave all that I cannot bring with me, at this very moment if I'm given the assurance that I'll end up where I want to go to. This place where I am now used to be much but now it just demished itself to hardly anything at all.

I've learned a thing or two though and those are the priceless tidbits of experience I'll carry with me. If I can just carry all the friends I have made with me.

Brent... I'm crossing my fingers for you and I'm praying that you get your target.