Friday, October 16, 2009

Almost everyday I think about you...

When I had a massage

Everytime I finish watching good/great/bad/terrible movies during the weekends for the past months

When I went to this bar for the first time and it felt like a playground for people my age

Everytime I sleep at our friend's house after pigging out all day

When I tried fb

When tried this great food for the first time

When one elevator smelled Sykes Asia

When I finally had my back pay from Thomson-Reuters and contemplated on how to spend/save it

When I received another check

When Ondoy hit my city, devastated and hurt people I personally knew (and brought out heroes we havent seen among us for quite some time)

When Pepeng killed many and greatly affected not only CAR

When the great Corazon died and how I have, for many reasons not exclusive to myself, fought back tears when I ate breakfast at the Makati Medical Center and at times when, still to this day, I see yellow ribbons around

When I rejoiced at the thought of this country having an alternative to who were already there

When I was laughing while reading Lourd's Shut Up Little Sister

When that Chanel pearl earring caught not only attention

When I tried to decide who to approve/add/ignore in fb

When I worried what if my blog would finally be closed

When I imagined how would it be like if I chronicle ever thought, idea, and quote I deem important and probably helpful in one way or another to people in the future

When I miss Ifugao and feel like posting topics exclusively about Ifugao

When I think about tracing back the family tree

When I realize how people and loved ones have changed as time goes by

When I think about immortality

When I think about fatality

When I think about how the storms, death/s, floods, relief goods, elections, privatization of government shares/properties, etc, will affect the people of the Republic of the Philippines' decision come election day and the weeks following

When I think about my loved ones' future

When I think about how I can probably live my life differently when it comes to earning a living and spending and when I imagine giving whoever I want their own golden parachute

When I contemplate or have contemplated about almost anything...

I think about you, my blog.
And I think some more.
(10/16/2009 8:43 am GMT+8)