Friday, February 29, 2008

Present and Former Student/s

After taking my renewed NBI clearance, thinking about processing my clearance for SYKES Asia later, and while waiting for Nina for the next 2.5 hours so I can finally give my long overdue gift for my first and only God-daughter, Avi, here are some random thoughts, more or less, while looking around the Royal and Pontifical, Catholic University of the Philippines:

What are their dreams?

How idealistic are they?What goes on in their heads right now? An exam? A grade? An annoying/wonderful/sexy professor? The upcoming graduation this March? The job/career that they're about to have in the following month/s year/s?
What life awaits them outside the four walls of the university?
When will the time come when they realize that their dream will never or had just been fulfilled?
OMG. They look so young. Was it really just 2 years ago when I was like that lanky, long haired, lad?

Wow... the UST Main Building...
"This land was donated to the Dominican Friars years ago..." according to my Filipino Prof.
The first earthquake-resistant building en las islas Filipinas.

Wow there’s another new University of Santo Tomas bus!

So Fr. Lana’s not the Rector anymore…

This yearbook’s heavy!

I’ve never seen wall climbing done here during my time! And different kites and frisbees!

G*d! It’s so cold Im shiverrring!
Would that girl find me strange and rude if I ask her what’s her painting about?

Did I just hear the surname of one of my former prof mentioned by that AB student sans the "Sir?!"

I miss being a student… more worries then but they’re all manageable. And they’re all for the sake of higher learning. You had no choice but to keep on learning.

"I’ll never let schooling stand in the way of my education." Whoever said that first, I don’t remember.
After almost two decades of non-stop education/schooling, right after graduation, provided you’re not immediately going to take an M.A. or pursue Law or Medicine, I found myself in a state that I have never experienced before. What would these students do when they come across that situation?

Thank God for my brother! Im still not left out with the issues going on in the academe.

Nina invited me to join in the rally tomorrow… er… later when the sun’s up. I cant go as of this moment. I don’t feel like making an irrevocable stand yet.

Oh G*d not again. I need a breather that’s why the free writing and yet here I am blogging about THAT issue again. (Brent, stop.)

To all those hot or cool headed Filipinos who want GMA out right now:

Okay, just for this time, imagine that GMA is out of the palace before her term ends in 2010.
Who will take her place? Easy. Our Constitution dictates that the Vice-President takes the place of the President. (Tell me that you geniuses sincerely want him there. I don’t have anything against Vice-President Noli de Castro but come on!) Anyone who takes the place of GMA, just in case, before 2010 aside from Noli is unacceptable.

Why not make all these issues serve as permanent lesson to each and everyone of us so that come next election we would all, from the lower-lower to the upper-upper of the socio-economic pyramid, be wise enough to choose the best Presidentiable, vigilant enough to be able to safely guard our ballots, intelligent enough as early as now to, once and for all, work for a credible Commission on Elections.

Any better ideas out there?!

I hope that at the end of the day, we’ll be happy and content when we tell ourselves: we have the government that we deserve.

God, help us.

I so miss being a student!


From my heart of hearts, I would like extend my gratitude to my two friends, Carmela and Ria, who have finally decided to talk again after more than 1 year and a half of non-existent communication. That’s how it is. Them ladies. (Brent, stop it unless you wanna introduce machismo or feminism into this blog.)

I now publicly and shamelessly admit that I terribly missed Carmela the whole time. We were unable to contact one another, having both changed numbers, among other things. But enough of that.

But having met last Feb 26… after almost two years… it was more than enough to replace the months of longing.

Maraming salamat talaga sa inyong dalawa.

Thank you too Mela for your gift. The moment I saw the sand timer, I understood.

Hugs you two!

Friday, February 22, 2008

And Let it be known that I was at one of my happiest less than 5 minutes ago.

It's now 2:47 am.

And Let it be known that I was at one of my happiest less than 5 minutes ago.

I just had one of the best moments of my life...

Nevermind that I should be awake by 8 am later.

Or that I should fill up some forms to be submitted by 10 am.

Or that I should rest and relax. Yeah, I know, it almost the same as going to sleep.

But I dont care if Im still awake and blogging when I "should" be asleep and resting.

All I know is that I wanted to let it be known that Im so happy I cant sleep and even felt the need to blog about it.

I'll now code switch to Filipino. Hehehehehehe.

Ayoko makalimutan ang mga sandali kanina.

Nagusap kami ni Kitin. Oo usap lang. Baka kasi kung ano pa ang naiisip ng kung sino mang Pilipino na magagawi sa parteng ito. ;) Usap na tipong kahit nung kami pa e di ko kailan man nalaman tungkol sa kanya. At nagagalak at lubos akong nakakaramdam ng honor na malaman yung bagay na iyon lalo na nang sabihin niyang oo nung tinanong ko siya kung alam ba ng isa ring malapit niyang kaibigan na si Ian ang bagay na yun.

May gusto rin akong tanungin sa kanya kanina pero buti nalang di ko tinanong... Sinagot narin niya dahil sa isa niyang sinabi.

I'll never have those moments exchanged for anything else in the world! Simply now a precious part of my life.

I hope I dont kill myself later for saying this but I'll go ahead anyway:

We are friends first indeed, Kitin, and I have found a deeper respect and love for you now my dear friend.

And Pule, if by any chance you come across this blog, I wanna tell you wala kang dapat ipagselos dahil sakin. :) Nangingibabaw ang pagiging magkaibigan namin ni Kitin. No more, no less.

Basta maligaya ako.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

For The First Time in the History of the Universe!!!

Kitin, my close friend, confidante, former alter-ego and gf, just texted and invited me to hang out at the Bonifacio Hight Street tonight!

That's a first! (It's usually me who invite her to hang out anytime during the day or night and she's mostly either with her bf, Pule, or at a place far far away.)

And if you're reading this, Kitin, tell me your blog link! Or... or... uhm... nothing. :p

Monday, February 18, 2008

It’s because I care.

Just because I belong to the middle class, notorious for being jaded, uncaring, irresolute, with political colors of ROYGIBIV, and uncooperative to the call of the times, it doesn’t mean that I don’t consider the idea of actively participating in a possible mass exercise of freedom of assembly just to show how we should react to the gross acts of corruption and graft by people who betray the tax payers’ trust.

Just because I just submitted my letter of resignation last Friday it doesn’t mean that I can now bad mouth the account, much less the company, and expose its faults to the whole wide world of the web. Though a possible impact may be minimal, it would be nothing short of showing ingratitude and lack of consideration to the company’s reputation.

Just because I don’t have anything to do that is related to work and I can just sleep all day, it doesn’t mean that I can now enjoy the luxury of excessive free time and let myself just do nothing. I already read all the interesting books, magazines, and encyclopedias at home, watched all the interesting movies on CDs DVDs and tv shows, updated my self using the news with the economic and political situation of my country and exhausted my mind on thinking about almost about anything… but why do I still feel bored?!?!? It’s probably because I presently lack new experience. (Remember a person's needs: Security, Response, Recognition, and New Experience)

Just because I have earned lots of great friends for the past years, it doesn’t mean that I can have them beside me when I want them to anytime I want. Some of them have work while those who don’t have jobs at present are too far away or are too preoccupied with the people they’re in a relationship with. I just have too much time right now and it’s very unfortunate that I don’t have someone who has the same amount of free time to spend it with. I mean… I need just need someone to talk with! I don’t care if you’re a total stranger and can only speak French! As long as we can communicate and you’re not a serial killer, it’s fine with me!

Just because I have the "freedom" to do what I fancy doing, it doesn’t mean I should just go ahead and do it. Sometimes there are people, sensibilities, and possible adverse outcomes that should be considered.

Just because I’m single and like I already said, have much free time, I can succumb to moments of weakness and just do whatever. It’s because I care for what is unforeseen and may be.

These are some of the reasons why everyone should give attention to the recent events:

Though unknown to many until it was mentioned in the news lately, the "traditional" 20% lost to kickbacks should alarm everybody because:

The money lost to graft and corruption could have been used for housing projects for the families of our soldiers and police.

The money lost to graft and corruption should have been spent on building more schools or renovating the old ones in the far flung barangays of the poorest provinces.

The money lost to graft and corruption could have been given to the public school teachers and other government employees.

The money lost to graft and corruption should have been used to buy combat boots for the soldiers we send to fight rebel groups.

The money lost to graft and corruption could have been used to build or improve farm-to-market roads.

The money lost to graft and corruption should have been allocated for research and development in the field of renewable energy source for the country.

The money lost to graft and corruption could have been used to improve the means of our cost guards in protecting our seas from smugglers etc.

And an almost infinite list is of should haves and could haves is replaced by this line…

The money lost to graft and corruption, simply put, could, as it should, have been used for the use of the people!

So… I humbly post here are what I have realized and thought of so far:

We can’t let ourselves oust one president after another. This is no freakin’ elementary classroom! This is a country’s president for sanity’s sake! Although maybe if we can guarantee ourselves that we can rise from the ashes and maintain our present climb after the euphoria of ousting another erring president and letting the vice-president get promoted, then go ahead take her off of the palace by all means except through assassination etc.

If we harness this energy brought by our collective consciousness, kindled by realization, and force ourselves to remember during those crucial seasons of elections, then we may just be able to place trustworthy leaders in power and prevent ourselves from going through all this over again.

Let ourselves have the government we deserve. Ok, that line was scary… Maybe it should go this way: Let our future generations have the government they deserve.

SM Mall of Asia

Just been to MoA with my H.S. friend, Neil, yesterday afternoon. Updated on some things, laughed at old jokes during H.S. and talked about the present.

Was just about to txt Ria just in case she and her boyfriend are present in the vicinity when she sent a quote. Coincidence? Whatever. Heheheh. She was at Novaliches though.

A wonderful day spent with a good friend. :)

By the way… God, I’m sorry I wasn’t able to attend the Sunday Mass yesterday even though I was at the San Roque parish church this afternoon and was also pointing out to Neil the church beside MoA.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I hate bumhood but it gives me the free time I haven't had for the past 1.5 years.

More time to read books, introspect more, dream, plan, and just BE.

But what happens when you have done everything from blog hopping, to friendly overnight chitchats at friends' homes, to DVD marathons, to fiestas (thanks to Sheena's relatives in Pateros for the good food! :D), to family talks about some personal issues, to watching news on the latest issues here and overseas (ZTE scandal here and the recent assassination attemp on Timor Leste's President and Prime Minister), to watching anime, to planning how I would like life to be in the near future, to to to...

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Do I need to be in a romantic relationship again?

If I were to get into another romantic relationship... I... I dunno... I guess I haven't found one or had enough interest in a person that would make me feel like getting into a relationship.

But then there are, how many, 6 billion people out there? Atleast one is probably the right one, or the right now, for me. Yuck. I didnt just type those and forgot to delete them too, did I?
This is like... me exposing myself in the internet. Eeeew.

I guess this is what weeks of bumhood can do to me...

Maybe I need to do something radical... or simple... or something simply radical...

BTW, to my fellow Filipinos, please dont try to demand the resignation of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo again. It may seem that the removal/replacement of the present administration is right thing to do in the spirit of upholding the truth and etc, however, as much as I hate how the evil side of our government is going, it may not be wise to take PGMA out of Malacañang today. We may need to wait by the next Presidential elections in 2010 and by then, it would be the perfect time to remember all the scams that we have heard of the past years and try to wisely choose the best, or the least evil, among the presidentiables.

I think I love bumhood more than I hate it.

I highly recommend The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coehlo

Thank you, my friend, Sheena, for lending me the book.

An advise to those not used to or ready to have the Supreme Being, a.k.a. God, referred to as a Goddess: try to have an open mind. If you can't, try to avoid the book. :p

Friday, February 08, 2008

Rodolfo "Jun" Lozada, Jr's his name

I, along the with people who cared to take notice, got interested about this man when he was missing at the local airport, allegedly taken by the Police and members of the Presidential Security Group (PSG). (You just cannot not get interested when things like this happen and the media is lucky enough to cover it.)

Then there was his press conference last night, that I happened to watch on the evening news, wherein it was made known that he will appear before the Senate. Mom said something that told me she'll watch it as it unfolds the next morning.

Guess who's the man?! (Whatever.)

He bailed out of the very much publicized scams, a.k.a. the ZTE deal, when the former Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Chair Benjamin Abalos pushed his alleged 50% kickback from the 200+ MILLION US FRIGGIN DOLLARS (50+ PHP is to 1 USD at that time) and threatened his life last.......January 18, if I remember correctly as he remembered it clearly while, at that time, he was driving and the former COMELEC chair told him he's close with the military, intelligence, etc, and that he can have him killed (when he goes anywhere near Mandaluyong or somewhere).

He was kidnapped by armed men who identified themselves to be the Police, some of which are members of the PSG. (Yeah, I already said that. I would just like to give a reminder of who the obvious puppeteer/s may be.)

The Senate tested his credibility. It was made clear by Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago, et al, the he is not a saint indeed, though sorrounded by our dear Priests and Nuns. It was pointed out that he once did less than reputable deeds (an understatement) while he was President of a said company.

Particular Senators verbally showed their belief in his credibility during the hearing. (I hope they're doing that more so because they know in their hearts that here is a brave person taking action against corruption and not just for show so that, you know, whatever, for the next elections.)

(I was super tempted to post about this during their lunch break at 12:45 or 1:45 pm, during the heat of the moment, but remembered what Sir Christian Esguerra told us when I was in college, that you try to write not during the heat of the moment. I do that sometimes I dont. Anyway...)

He's so afraid not only for his life but also for the safety of his family as he already said he has seen the ugly side of the state eversince his brother was killed for mistaken identity and they constantly received death threats at the time, which only immediately ceased when they talked to a high ranking military officer, who's name evades me now. (I think he also said his nephew's best friend was killed during the investigation of the still-unsolved case.)

You don't know the man yet?! Whatever.

All I know is that particular individuals want Rodolfo "Jun" Lozada, Jr dead today more than anything. Tough luck luck though to those a**hol*s. Try to touch him or any member of his family and you may as well have dug your own graves where the People of the Philippines will be more than willing to bury you into. We, the Filipino public, may have memory loss (once upon a time but not anymore, I want to believe) are not stupid. WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE. (I just had to mention this because my Mom is quite worried that they may have him killed or harm his family members and all would just be in vain.)

It's good to have a person like Jun at a time like this. And we heard you, Jun, (Yes. Feeling close ako) when you said that it's time that Filipinos realize that the word "Filipino" refers not only to the family but also to the all of us as a nation.

And yes, thank you, Jun, for saying and showing it in you actions that Filipinos are still worthy to risk you life for.

(I just hope that you would say yes if my former Pol Sci Prof. Atty. Bong Lopez were to ask you if we're worth living with. :p I guess the answer would be yes, right?)

Mr. Jun Lozada, your story about what the katutubo said about the fruits of the Guava tree struck me too. Leave the fruits to the birds, s/he said, when you suggested that they sell the fruits to the lowlands, to the markets. Then you said here you are going back to Manila and face these "people" who cannot satisfy their greed despite having MILLIONS of the PEOPLE'S MONEY already. Talk about internal conflict. I also havent given it much thought before but since you are proof, there may be people out there, working with or for the government, who try to limit the greed of certain personalities.

Anyway, Mr. Jun Lozada, just hold on please, and, God willing, we will all see this through. No good deed is done in vain afterall.

By the way, to those who dont really care about the matter and still lives in the Philippines, when will you?

To those who want to oust the current President, let's not go that way again please. Let's investigate and go as far as we can but let's not oust the President. We know she's ungrateful or so she appears appears to be etc but that's another matter for another post perhaps. Well... we cannot oust her unless we can guarantee that even when we do so we are confident enough that our country could widstand such a drastic move and maintain it's climb. Right? We can probably pull it off but not today, Im afraid.

Pagpalian tayong lahat ng Poong Maykapal. May God bless us all.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

On Celebating the New Year of the Lunar Calendar and On National politics

Let me start by greeting you all a Happy New Year especially to the Chinese and Vietnamese who are celebrating their New Year today! (Thanks to sources that can be found at this link.)

Ok. The ranting starts.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, or should I say, former Speaker Jose de Venecia has already been replaced after having 5 terms under his belt. Tsk tsk. May have stayed there till the end of his days had his son not meddled too actively or spoken too loudly about the whole foul ZTE deal with China.

But then, if his son didn't do what he did, then we, the Filipino tax payers, would have been robbed, again, big time! One point goes to the country's weak opposition! :)

So... Let the biggest egos in the land oust their former leader, who held the 4th highest government position for 5 terms straight, and just show us again how they stage their power play and remind us that indeed "there are no permanent friends or enemies in politics, only permanent interests," which is, sadly, primarily their pork barrel and the projects that they, supposedly, are being given for their people.

Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago was right when she said they were all just squabbling over their kickbacks! Wahahahahah!

What a farce on national television participated by no less than the honorable Representatives of the land!

My fellow Filipinos, these are the people you put on power every single election?!?!?!?!

Will you admit that you deserve the government you have?

Damn. Im 22 and still the adolescent angst is still here. That's a good thing. Atleast I'm not yet desensitized.

What we, the Filipino tax payers, want is to know that our money is being spent wisely. We don't mind, for now, that we are being robbed as it had been going on since the Philippine government came to be as we know it today.

Please please please, dear politicos, statesmen and women who owe us more than you care to admit, give us our hard-earned money's worth. Dont let this boat sink. Let us all do our part to improve this country, for the sake of our children's future.

We can't afford to let ourselves slip over and over again.