Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Moon and Wolves

The night sky was wonderful yesterday!

The sky was a clear, almost cloudless.
The moon was alone in the East South East except for a lone star that I saw overhead...

(I think) It was a full moon! The heavenly body glows golden yellow...

Then it reminded me of somebody, who also likes watching the moon... but the person is miles away from me.

Ok then!
Last night after moon gazing I happened to watch Wolf's Rain on ANIMAX. (And it just made me want to go out and see the moon again!)
I've seen the episode plenty of times before but never completed. Atleast last night I've seen the greater part of it.
And was it so euphoric... the characters, the plot, the sound track, everything! hay...

(I was awake till 1:00am [lucky me!] because I was making my Feng Shui review)

Now back to the toxic projects!!! really bites...hard.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

never ending...

Walang katapusang mga projects!!! AARRGH!

That's all. :D

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Two good things...

First: We won third place at the AB Pautakan a while ago!
Me, Bdet, Ace, Leah, and Jade each got a bronze medal for the group category. Ace got a silver in the individuals category earlier this morning.

I dedicate this honor, though small, to the UST Journalism Society!
And us too! :) And my parents and my blah blah blah blah...

Second: The name of Doreen Meyers appeared in my email. But it wasnt from her. It's from another Peace Corps Volunteer named Christopher who was in Mayoyao, Ifugao from 1980-1982.
I was surprised to see her name! I thought that I've finaly contacted since we last met about two years ago. I really wish I can have her email atleast.

Doreen, if you, or anybody who knows her, ever read this please leave a message at the 'comments' just right below this.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

This morning...

My cellphone's reminder gave off the alarm, prompting me to wake up.
I reached for the cp at the right side of my pillow. I got it and as I faced my left side I canceled the alarm.

Then, I heard another alarm. I thought that it must be from another cp.
Thinking that somebody will turn it off eventually, I just ignored it.

But I realized that the sound is coming from somewhere very near me... on the right side of my pillow.

I remember reaching to it. I felt it on my hand and I remember turning off the alarm.

I was very puzzled.

Then, I realized that the me 'waking up' on the first alarm... was a dream.

Saturday, September 18, 2004


Luna is exceptionally beautiful...


I hope you didn't miss to see her unique form and location tonight...

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Killing you softly...

Our tons of projects are killing us!
But I know we can manage.
Right guys?!

See i cant even make a long story this time...

That's all!

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Wolves, "teachers", and PRESSURES...

I've watched the final episode of Wolf's rain OVA last night...
That was my second time since the last time I watched its OVA marathon on Animax.
Well I wasn't as sad (no wait! that's an understatement! 'depressed' is more appropriate) with the ending as I was when I first saw it. The ending was well... (SPOILER ALERT!!! SPOILER ALERT!!! SPOILER ALERT!!! SPOILER Start!!!)
........................................tragic. But the end was justified. I dont want to give more details since it seems that I've given much anyway. :D
(End of spoiler...)

GTO, Great Teacher Onizuka, was shown in Animax last Tues Sept 7 at 11pm.
I really hope that it wasnt lambasted like what Animax did to other Animes when they applied the english translation! I guess I'm just lucky that I wasn't able to watch it. T_T
I can't bear to see one of my fave shows to be degraded due to poor translation by incompetent dubbers...

Me and my classmates are experiencing mental turmoil and extreme pressure from tons of projects!
Magazine sa Layouting class.
Magazine sa Newspaper Management class.
Magazine sa Feature Writing class.
At ang pinaka kinakabahan kong Literary Journalism project...

FRIENDS AND CLASSMATES! We can do this! We have to... :D

That's all!

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Safe, The Notebook, a Pageant, GTO (and something about the Moon)

It's now safe for me to say that my aunt is out of danger now. :)
She was just operated as preparation for her dialysis.
She's really lucky! Despite the 12-hour drive from Mayoyao, Ifugao she hang on until she was injected with sugar at the Kidney Center. Imagine, it was really a life or death decision for the people involved... well its a complicated story and I think I have already revealed too much of my aunt's life for me to expound. ;)

We just watched "The Notebook" last Wed, Sept 1.
It was a nice movie, well... a tear-jerker that almost jerked a tear out of me. Almost :D
Well about the story... it's about ah... *Ahem* Well, I'm not really gonna give any details at all because that would be a SPOILER for everyone! better watch it yourself! And better still watch it at the movie house. N0-to-piracy advocate huh? :D

The pre-pageant for our college's "MR and MS Ideal Artlet" was held this afternoon. And boy! was our classmate's performance great or excellent?!
He sang this song that definitely topped off the whole pre-pageant!
Kudos to Abraham Dacles!
If, by some reason, he were to lose on the talent portion, somebody got to give me a thorough explanation.

I just remembered that the Moon last Monday was beautiful... It was a full Moon I think. I saw the moon lately and it was a brilliant golden yellow... I havent seen it tonight yet but if it's visible tonight I'll surely will.

That's all! :D