Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I've just left my friend's house where I, together with HS friends, ate baked mac, Fruit salad, and Brazo de Mercedes and drank some red wine and Red Horse.
It was Bernard's friend's birthday and we were invited so it was a birthday/reunion.

I've been to San Roque Parish church to see if they have a publication there for our Catholic Journalism assignment which, to my torment, kept reminding me that I still havent done it for weeks though I'm clearly aware that there's still a LOT of time and it's the Christmas vacation anyway so why stress my self out, big time, with the incessant thinking of having not done it yet. So I finally did it. Thank you Brent. Thank You God. I now have my peace of mind at last.

I'm quite amazed to discover that I'm beginning to have a higher tolerance for alcohol.

What's Kura Paroko in English by the way? My friend, Sheena, told me it's Chaplain. Hum...

I now officially have an obsession, aside from thinking, and it's playing Frozen Throne DotA.

I miss my friends/classmates in UST. Mela at Ria at kayong lahat, miss you and see you sa pasukan, hindi na "paskuhan", at GOOD LUCK SA ATING LAHAT!!! (Yeah, Mitch, I agree with what you said on my taggie na "lagot na tayo when classes resume.")

Paulo Coehlo's book, Eleven Minutes, is hot. As in it makes me... Think of whatever connotation and that's what I mean.
(Yuck! Sana di niyo maisip yung blonde na herederang kana na pinalabas dati na kasama yung anak ng tanyag na mangaawit(?).)

After we had our class with Ma'am Rivera, I noticed at the beginning of this semester that we, Journalism students, spoke and, I think, felt more comfy speaking english. :)

Enjoy the vacation while it lasts! And, by the way, this is the last Christmas vacation, well, for most of us, that we're having as college students! :D The last Christmas vacation for us after FIFTEEN YEARS of studying!!! WAAAAAH!!!
(Ria: rolls eyes and looks at Carmela. Wahahahahah!)

Basta! Enjoy!!! Live life!!!

Now, time to play Frozen Throne DotA again! :D I'll be home before midnight. Promise.


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