Saturday, February 11, 2006

Things would be better if...we would all be better off if we all have enough conscience and care for each other

Wouldnt it be great if I were that stick character, on the upper right hand corner of this blog, with great super powers but still cant open a damn door. At least I'll be able to vent out my frustrations over a puny door that refuses to budge without having to worry if I end up destroying this planet in the process, therefore beginning another major extinction.
I preffer that over not being able to do things that I want to do or effectively show real, unbriddled, reactions over some issues because there might be regretful consequences. Or that I cant do some things because I dont have the capacity.
Wouldnt it be great if we may all say, do, and think of everything without consideration whatsoever. Wouldnt it be great if there was such a time and place for such.
But of course, if all that were to happen, there might not be any more chance to say, do, and think of anything at all because there might not be anyone left to do any actual saying, doing, and thinking.

It feels great when we can express what we trully feel without having to worry of what people might think or how would they react.

I would feel great if I could actually have somebody with me right now whom I can talk to about all these.

I would feel great if I reach a point wherein I can trully say to myself that there's nothing more I could ask for. I hope that I wont have to be ripened by decades, physically weak, and successful beyond everybody else's expectations in the worldly sense before I can say that.

I would feel better right now if these two beside me, in the UST library, didn't smack their lips just now and that I wouldnt be grinning right now with that feeling of funny unease. (Wouldnt it be great if I can do that too without having to worry how the people around me might react.)

I would feel good if I were blogging about "more relevant issues" like how good/stupid it was for that former Peruvian President to go back to Peru and get jailed; how Pope John Paul II, in my opinion, has more charisma that our present Pope, with all due respect, Pope Benedict XVI; how our country would be better off if only we do good in our own personal ways and get rid of all the negative remnants of an obsolete paradigm---social, economic, cultural, political (remember, we only get the government we deserve), and whatever; what improvement it would be for Philippine society if the jeepney were to be modified so that passengers wouldnt have to sit facing everybody else and that the roof were raised a bit higher so that people of my stature (physical, that is) would see a wider view of the outside like I used to enjoy as a child and that jeepneys wouldnt have to be airconditioned too because the air is finally free of air pollution; how we would all be better off if we all have enough conscience and care for each other. haw haw de carabao blah blah blah. argh, there's just too much to discuss.

Peace. Inner peace.


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