Saturday, January 14, 2006

What's probably almost as touching as the Count of Monte Cristo opening song is being able to see the five reactions from the four people that made a comment on the post prior this one. ^_^

It was, like, whoa... five?

I haven't recieved that much feedback since... I dont even remember... at the beginning of this blog, I guess.

I thank Jean Marion (whose name sounds French), Lost Soul a.k.a. Kitin, Glaiza, and Abby! Salamat sa pag-comment!

I just can't help but feel good inside even though I know that I would have to carry the heavy, compact, yellow typewritter. :D

Hum... Sir Dimalanta wasnt present today so... yun... feeling ko, at this very moment, na magtatapos na naman ang isang araw at magiging isa naman sa mga "what was it all for?" days. Not that the're a lot of those kind. I just dont like it when particular days felt that way.

I remember one Paskuhan wherein I said, "Di ko sila maramdaman." pertaining to a performance on the grandstand and my friends and their companions then didn't quite get what I meant. Hum...

I borrowed some nice VCDs from Neil and got the interview from Ma'am Celos yesterday! Yey!

Maganda ang Count of Monte Cristo at kahapon ko lang na fully realize na may pagkakahawig and El Filibusterismo ni Rizal dito. Sabagay nabasa narin ni Rizal yun dati tulad nung libro na pinahiram ni Kitin saken na Uncle Tom's Cabin.

Pag-uwi ko malamang babasahin ko na yung pinahiram sa akin ni Mitch na Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince kahit alam ko na, very unfortunately, kung sino ang mga sino at anu-ano ang ilan sa mga importanteng nangyari. "Salamat" sa spoilers na akala e alam ko na ang mga bagay-bagay.

Peace! :D


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