Monday, February 06, 2006

It had been ages since my last post! Isang pasasalamat tungkol sa Thesis.

So here's something that'll hopefully make up for the past days.

Visit Ria's post to read about our Thesis Defense. Anyway, here's my version of it.

The Defense with sir Christian Esguera went well. No. It went much better than expected. He liked our Thesis. He even admitted that he doesn't read blogs, not even the ones on Friendster. Through the Thesis, we were we able to convince him to (read about) blog(s). He also became our instant editor and he pointed out particular grammatical errors we committed on the Thesis that we haven't noticed even after the long arduous process we went through. That was one of the best part of our Defense with him, aside from the fact that he gave us a 1.00, because it's not everyday that you get to have Christian Esguera to correct your Thesis. Thank you po sir!

It was after the Defense with ma'am Gwenetha Pusta, during the moment when she was congratulating us and said, "I cant even ask questions!", that I felt one of the happiest moments of my life so far. She said, "the Thesis was well written, consequential," and a lot more nakakataba ng puso comments. "Nangingilid na ang luha ko ma'am." I admitted then because I really was overwhelmed. Maraming salamat po ma'am! I was happier that moment than the moment when I first learned that I was a Dean's Lister again. Of course I cant compare it with the time when I first saw my 1.00 grade from ma'am Cynthia Rivera's Literary Criticism. THAT was more of a moment of (initial) disbelief than glee.(Magpapasalamat din ako kay ma'am Rivera dito sa post na ito kahit di related sa Thesis. Salamat po mam!)

Maraming salamat po kay sir Jefferson Aquino dahil siya po ang pinaka-supportive na adviser na nakilala namin hindi lamang dahil, obviously, adviser namin siya kundi dahil, base narin sa mga nalalaman namin sa sinasabi ng aming mga butihing kaklase tungkol sa advisers nila, ginagawa niya ang lahat ng magagawa niya para mapabuti lalo kami at ang paggawa namin ng Thesis. Ang participation at suporta ni sir Aquino ay di mapapantayan! Maraming salamat po sir!

Maraming salamat din po kay sir Jeremaiah Opiniano dahil kung hindi dahil sa kanya, hindi magiging maayos-ayos ang Defense schedules. Although, well, you know what I mean sa kung ano ang nagyari sa hierarchy ng AB kaya you know what I mean na ang nangyari sa schedule ng mga dapat na magdedefense.
May gusto ako sabihin dito pero off-the-record. Eheheheh. :D I-encrypt ko nalang sa salitang Español! JOKE! Sa isang Ifugao sub-dialect nalang: Chimmalan juh nakak hini tsuguh un mehtoloh, aha un pfu-phuy juh aha un lalae, juh tinai-nuhn chu hini metob ini Dean nga nangali nga ichi met-ten mubulin nga mun-defence hunu ochumnuh un estudyante.

Maraming salamat din po kay ma'am Joyce Arriola dahil kung hindi sa pagtulong niya sa amin na magdesisyon ng kung alin ang pipiliin naming Thesis tittle at sa mga turo niya sa klase niyang Thesis Writing ay malamang di namin mararanasan ito ngayon. Maraming salamat po ma'am!

Maraming, maraming salamat din sa Diyos! Maraming, maraming salamat din sa aming mga pamilya! Lubos din ang aming pasasalamat sa aming mga sarili! (Nope. We're not concieted.)



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