Monday, January 23, 2006

Ang sakit ng abs ko! Shiyet!
Ok. I dont have the six pack (yet) on my midsection. But it's there. Really. We all have it actually. All we have to do is rest our hand/s on our midsection and feel it. There. Feel that?

I havent had sit-ups for a long time now. Just made a few yesterday, if the position and the movements were to be considered, when, while watching TV, I decided to have it a go and did it while resting my back on the sofa (the part where your butt's usually placed), legs bent, feet resting on a monoblock chair, the small of my back at the edge of the sofa, and chin on my chest. I then raised my legs towards my chest then let it go down and back up again. I did that for a couple of times at intervals until the evening. I did it all while watching TV. :D

Well, anyways, now my midsection hurts when I laugh and when I stretch. But yeah, I'm sure that after doing the exercise for a couple more times, the pain will be gone.
Ah... I used to do 300 crunches every other day, even daily. Oh well.


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